Monday, December 30, 2013

Reviewers Needed For Mystery Novel

Fog City Strangler


As 1958 nears an end San Francisco is being terrorized by a man who calls himself the “Fog City Strangler,” who preys on pretty young blonde women. The strangler announces each murder by sending a note and piece of the victim’s clothing to the local newspapers.

Angst mounts as the strangler continues to claim more victims. Private eye Sam Slater is worried that the Fog City Strangler may be eyeing his beautiful blonde wife, TWA stewardess Amelia Ryan. His anxiety is further fueled when TWA launches an advertising campaign with Amelia’s picture on a series of billboards plastered all over the city. Sam fears the billboards may attract too much attention--the wrong kind of attention.

Meanwhile, Sam and Amelia are hired to try to find the missing daughter of a wealthy dowager who fears she has lost her only child. The missing woman went for a walk with her dog on Stinson Beach, near San Francisco, and seemingly vanished into thin air. The woman’s husband arrived at their beach house and found the dog running loose but there was no trace of his wife. The police are stumped in their investigation.

As Sam and Amelia look into the disappearance of the woman on the beach they discover that nothing is as it seems at first glance. On a stormy night a shadowy figure sets fire to the beach house where the couple is staying--hoping to stop their investigation.

Greg Messel’s Fog City Strangler is a stand-alone thriller but is part of the Sam Slater Mystery Series--Last of the Seals, Deadly Plunge and San Francisco Secrets.

Greg Messel grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now lives inEdmonds, Washington on the Puget Sound with his wife, Carol. “Fog City Strangler” is his seventh novel and is the fourth in a new series of Sam Slater mystery novels. Greg has lived in Oregon, Washington, California,Wyoming and Utah and has always loved writing, including stints as a reporter, columnist and news editor for a daily newspaper.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Road To New Life

The Road To New Life

"Thoughtful and driven reading, ... holds a powerful message, highly recommended. -  The Midwest Book Review [More Below]

This fresh and intriguing book about the road to God will engage your mind and heart. It is a short, readable, book that explains following Jesus in a way you've probably never heard. It will help you understand how all the pieces fit together. 

God made you for a purpose and he wants to help you live it and experience the peace and joy that go with it. As you travel this road toward God, you will see how valuable you are to him and how he longs to free you from shame, insecurity, and emptiness. He wants to heal pain and loneliness and he wants to transform your life. He wants a close relationship with you. 

" Please post a review on Amazon and encourage the author (we know it takes a little time yet your kindness is a great gift). But it is completely optional.
This is another edition of How To Be Sure You Are Going To Heaven ."

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How To Be Sure You Are Going To Heaven

THOUGHTFUL and driven reading, ... holds a powerful message, highly recommended. - The Midwest Book Review [More below.]

Heaven is calling you! In heaven there will be no more "mourning or crying or pain" (Revelation 21:4). We will enjoy peace and joy forever and a new life beyond our wildest dreams. Not every salvation prayer leads to heaven and you can't get there by being good!

If you can say the prayer at the end of each chapter from your heart then you can be assured you are going to heaven. You won’t always feel assurance that you are going to heaven. Most people have doubts mixed in with their confidence. Some have assurance from the beginning but many people don’t have full assurance for many years. You don’t need to be anxious; just give your doubts time to fade away. It also helps to talk to others who have had doubts. This book will help you grow in assurance.

GOD MADE YOU for a purpose and he wants to help you live it and experience the peace and joy that go with it. As you travel this road toward God, you will see how valuable you are to him and how he longs to free you from shame, insecurity, and emptiness. He wants to heal pain and loneliness and he wants to transform your life. He loves you and wants a close relationship with you.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Fiend's Gold

A couple of hundred years ago, a wild and unruly family fell upon a floundering ship filled with gold. Gold fever and bandits destroyed the Fiend family, but through their cunning the treasure was hidden and remained that way for almost 200 years.

Edgar Reyner, a multimillionaire, bought the island reputed to be the hiding place of Fiend’s gold. He, too, became a victim of gold fever and was killed for his efforts. Edgar left the bulk of his estate to his unruly and lazy nephew William Reyner (Bill).

William Reyner and his grandmother visit the lawyer in a northern Ontario town, where they become the heirs to the Reyner fortune. Bill visits his new island and learns of the mysteries and ghosts that inhabit the lonely outpost. Overcome by the island’s tranquillity and beauty, he makes the fatal decision to hunt for the long-lost treasure. Murder and chaos ensue, leaving Bill and his grandmother to face the unknown assailant alone.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

The eagerly awaited second offering by the mistress of macabre, Krystal Lawrence, hits shelves and online book retailers across the country.

November 25, 2013 - Be Careful What You Wish For, Krystal Lawrence’s second, superbly written horror novel, is now available to clutch readers in spine-chilling terror. A truly mind- gripping, haunting, and scarily believable work of fiction you will want to devour in one sitting.

Be Careful What You Wish For portrays three very different people who enlist the unearthly services of a powerful meta physician to help them realize their darkest dreams. Their requests are answered - at a truly horrific cost. The unfathomable horror unleashed will raise the hairs on your neck! A deeply imaginative read that is well worth sleeping with the lights on.

Only days after its release, Be Careful What You Wish For garnered the following review: “Krystal Lawrence has once again masterfully woven a fast-paced and captivating story set in three vignettes. The character development is second to none and the plot is thoughtfully woven among all three sections of the book. I loved the journey and was left longing for more. If you don't read this book, you will miss out on quite an adventure.”

Krystal Lawrence’s characters, and the entire premise, make Be Careful What You Wish For a fabulous candidate for a screen play or live theater performance.

Be Careful What You Wish For is available on for $27.95, or any local book retailer. Additionally, an electronic version of the book is available for Kindle. Please visit the author’s website at to read an excerpt of Be Careful What You Wish For.

Currently, Krystal Lawrence is working on a forthcoming sequel to her well received horror novel, Risen. She is available for book signings or interviews.

ISBN: 1939927455 (Hardback)

ASIN: B00GZ773FM (Electronic)

About Krystal Lawrence

Born in Southern California, Krystal Lawrence grew up appearing in major motion pictures and television shows. In her twenties she hosted a successful radio talk show in Las Vegas and majored in criminal justice in college. Working for a police department, Ms. Lawrence gained detailed insight into the world of crime scene investigation and police interrogation. After moving to Seattle, Ms. Lawrence devoted her creativity to fiction writing and has enjoyed many
national accolades for her work.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dr. Satwant Kaur to Speak on Emerging Technologies for Tomorrow’s World

Dr. Satwant Kaur, labeled the ‘first lady of emerging 
technologies’ to give the keynote speech at IT Expo 2014

Nanobots that are equipped to heal cancer. Autonomous electric cars wirelessly powered by roadways. Software-defined robots at our beck and call. This may sound like the stuff of science fiction, if not the substance some of our more wild dreams. Yet, as Dr. Satwant Kaur believes, these strange dreams may become reality much sooner than we think.

Dr. Satwant Kaur, who has made a name for herself as the “First Lady of Emerging Technologies,” will elaborate on the possibilities of making science fiction into reality during her keynote addressat 2014’s IT Expo. The expo, which brings together members of the business and technology fields, will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center from January 28-31.

Dr. Kaur, who has over twenty years of successful experience innovating in the arena of emerging technology, currently serves as the Chief Technologist - Innovation for HLS in the office of the CTO for the Hewlett-Packard Company. Her other professional positions have included: platform strategist in the Intel Architecture Group at Intel, director of development at Symantec, and Chief Technology Officer for TIBCO, to name a few. She is known for building many first-of-a-kind systems, and she has built technologies and solutions related to or dealing with a number of other systems and technologies, making her the ideal keynote speaker for the upcoming IT Expo. Dr. Kaur has authored the Amazon bestseller book "Transitioning Embedded Systems to Intelligent Environments". Her achievements in technology are unparalleled, and her many honors include her United States citizenship, which was awarded to her in 2000 under the highest category, “Extraordinary Ability”.

Dr. Kaur’s keynote speech will bring together the innovations that are currently appearing in every sector and the endless possibilities for their application. Our imaginations can now dictate what is possible; a fact that is sure to make Dr. Kaur’s adress as inspiring as the speaker herself.

Dr. Satwant Kaur

Dr. Satwant Kaur holds a Bachelors of Technology in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India. She has an MS in engineering and computer science from Oakland University in Oakland, Michigan. She also has a PhD in enhanced Internet protocols for efficient mobile communication from Oakland University.She has received many awards and accolades for her unparalleled accomplishments in technology, including: Intel’s 2009 Technology Innovation Award, Intel’s 2009 Outstanding Women Award, and IEEE EIT’s 2001 best paper award for her paper “Mobile IP and Implementation of Regional Registration”.

Dr. Satwant Kaur, First Lady of Emerging Technologies®and opinions in all communications including all electronic, broadcast, and print media formats. Dr. Satwant Kaur is not endorsed by any third-party affiliation, organization, or employer and all opinions are solely of Dr. Kaur's, and do not reflect the opinions and/or views of any third-party affiliation, organization, or employer. For further information, please refer to her web site Dr. Satwant Kaur may be contacted at her email"

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