Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Angel on the Streets


Homelessness, Finding God, and Redemption

New Book Shares an Inspiring Story
A Formerly Homeless Man’s Rise to Improving the Lives of Others.

(Washington State – November 23, 2015)  A straight-forward new book released by Strategic Book Publishing reveals a story of child abuse, homelessness, finding God, and redemption. Of German and Jewish parents, Dorn was born in 1944 during the war with Germany. Tortured as a child, Dorn hit the streets at the tender age of 10. Transitioning between abandoned houses, rail cars, porches, foster homes, juvenile centers, mental hospitals, and a gang, Dorn came to a pivotal point changing his life forever.

Potential Interview Topics

The author offers several entertaining and inspiring topics for interviews:
Teen and Adult Homelessness
Gang Life and Leadership
  •    Life in Foster Homes
  •    Juvenile Centers
  •    Mental Hospitals
  •    Understanding a Loving God
  •    Overcoming Tragedy

Angel on the Streets ($12.95, Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC March 30, 2015) brings the reader along a harrowing journey through tragedy, an introduction to a loving God, and pursuing a purpose as “The Chaplain to the Streets.” Now, Dorn invests most of his time reaching discarded and forgotten people. He desires to bring hope to the homeless. Even after losing several close friends from the street to suicide, he speaks of hope. Dorn says, “Every person has a gift, a talent to offer the rest of our world. I made it through it!”

About the Author

Now retired, Terry L. Dorn lives in Washington State. He survived to become a chaplain, author, speaker, and leader in the recovery field. He has written four other books and planned and published a book for the Washington State Mental Health Division.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Angel of the Streets is available at  The author is available for media interviews. Reach him at

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