How to Promote Your Blog

Get Your Blog Posts Seen by Thousands of People!

We can place your blog post headline link and brief description on thousands of other related blogs, websites, and online news media.

Step 1: Write a killer blog post that ties into your book in some way. (Example)

Step 2: Post it on your blog.

Step 3: Hire us to promote it! (We will acquire 2,000 or more targeted readers for your blog!)

Promotion is where most authors struggle. In order to get a blog post to go viral, recommended by hundreds of people to everyone they know, you need hundreds of people to read it. Most authors don't have an existing network of hundreds of targeted book buyers waiting for their next blog post. 

There is an affordable solution! We have partnered with a network of 80,000+ blogs, websites, and online news media that will feature the headline and brief description of your blog with a link for people to click if they want to read it.

This package is the most effective blog post promotion solution available on the market today. The network has developed a proprietary technology that matches relevant blog posts with the right audience to produce a high level of engagement. 

For only $150, our package will get 2000 targeted readers to read your blog post! If it is strong enough, they will recommend it to their circle of influence causing the blog post to go viral. This initial group of 2000 readers could generate more readers creating massive exposure for your book. (You will be able to check your blog stats to watch the readership grow!)

There are two simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Order the package of your choice. 

2,000 visitors for $150

10,000 visitors for $350

25,000 visitors for $750

Step 2: Complete this questionnaire:

We will contact you within 48 hours to notify you that your promotion has begun. 

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