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Dreams That Never Were by Greg Messel

“Some men see things as they are and say, ‘Why? I dream of things that never were and say, ‘Why not?" -- Robert F. Kennedy
June 5, 1968:  Senator Robert F. Kennedy, then a candidate for President and victorious in the California primary, was mortally wounded by assassin Sirhan Sirhan as he exited the ballroom at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.  Innocent bystanders were also wounded, including young and idealistic Alex Hurley, a San Francisco reporter. 
Swept up in the turbulent events of 1968, Alex is captivated both by the Presidential race and by Vietnam, where he had recently been a war correspondent.  His time in Vietnam had cost him his marriage and bitterly separated him from his own family. 
Recovering from his wounds—physical and emotional—a new and surprising love restores his hope. 
Part political thriller, part romance, Alex Hurley’s story in “Dreams That Never Were,” captures the turmoil of the day, set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and America's wrenching response to it. This novel is the latest historical fiction from award winning author Greg Messel.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

New Partnership Between Parkwest Publications and Six U.K. Publishers of Exceptional Children’s Books

Miami-based Parkwest Publications brings to the US market the books of publishers of exciting, attractive, fun, and informing children’s hard-to-find titles.

Parkwest Publications is announcing a partnership with six well-established UK publishers, including: Red Robin Books—an independent publisher of high-quality picture books; Award Publications— publisher of literature for young people… beautiful books for children; Miles Kelly—a publisher of high-quality, informational and story books for children aged three to twelve years; Tarquin Group—an imprint of science and mathematics publisher Richard Griffin (1820) Limited; Bright Red Publishing—an award-winning independent publisher that develops and produces high-quality award-winning study guides; and Picthall and Gunzi, a publisher of books that help children develop key early learning skills and prepare them for their first year at school.

Parkwest PublicationsParkwest Publications, a U.S. owned and operated company since 1983, co-publishes and distributes a wide range of general interest adult books and children’s books from a number of U.K. publishers.  Parkwest Publications is proud of its U.K. partnerships, the most famous of which was with BBC Books, for more than a decade, before BBC America was established. For more information, please visit   or their children’s books website  

Red Robin BooksIndependent Red Robin Books publishes high-quality picture books, many of which contain the story in audio CDs.  Written by internationally renowned storyteller Neil Griffiths and illustrated by fabulous artists from around the world, they feature strong storylines, memorable characters, and enchanting language. Red Robin Books also publishes a large selection of resource materials for parents and teachers, to help support children’s literacy, both at home and in the classroom. For more information, please visit

Award PublicationsAward Publications is a publisher of literature for young people… beautiful books for children.  Award publishes books by:  Angie Hicks, Pete Johnson, Robert Swindells, Sooty, Val Biro, Laura Wall, and Yoo Hoo and Friends™. For more information, please visit 

Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly publishes high-quality, colorful, affordable storybooks, informational books, encyclopedias, and atlases for children aged 3-12 years. Each book is designed to inspire, inform, and excite.  For more information, please visit

Tarquin GroupTarquin was created over thirty years ago by Gerald Jenkins, then a mathematics teacher. He discovered that books were the perfect medium to contain math and science model nets, which children can cut out and glue together, combining hands-on activity, education, and fun. Tarquin is part of a much older company - Richard Griffin (1820) Limited - that has published in mathematics and science for more than 190 years. Its illustrious author base includes Michael Faraday and Humphrey Davy, and, more recently, the great statisticians. For more information, please visit 

Bright Red Publishing
Bright Red Publishing is a multi-award winning independent educational publishing company which develops and produces high quality study guides.  Since its founding in 2008, Bright Red Publishing has: Been named U.K. Educational Publishing Company of the Year at the Independent Publishing Awards in 2010 and 2011.Been shortlisted for the U.K. Independent Publisher of the Year Award at the Bookseller Industry Awards in 2011 and 2014.Been Highly Commended at both The Bookseller Industry Awards and the Interface Excellence Awards in 2014.Won the Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Award for its online Digital Zone in 2014.  For more information, please visit 

Picthall and Gunzi
Picthall and Gunzi is a publisher of books that help children develop key early learning skills and prepare them for their first year at school.  Picthall and Gunzi creates high-quality books for children from three months to eight years.  Their exciting range of books includes over 120 colorful titles.  Amongst these are: shaped board books for little hands to hold, touch-and-feel, sticker books, early reading and first reference books.For more information, please visit


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Opt-out address:Parkwest Publications, LLCPO Box 310251Miami, FL 33231 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Reconciliation- Heaven and Earth By Diane Simone

Who are you? What underlying beliefs create the nature of the reality you inhabit?

Martha Mathewson, a professor of psychology, was sure she knew who she was and what she believed in. For years she belittled her soon to be ex-husband, a revered astrophysicist, over his passion for the quantum universe, and for little green men and the star civilizations they come from. But when Don Mathewson suddenly dies, when she finds out he was murdered, his files have been targeted, and she's in danger, life as she's known it becomes upended.

As Martha is inexorably drawn into Don's world, a world which includes shadowy covert operatives who break into her house, she's moved to Tucson, Arizona, met an alto saxophonist/ rock hound, her daughter has joined her, and a small metal ball discovered in Don’s old oak desk (a ball which emits a bluish halo in the dark, dances to jazz, and communicates telepathically) is talking to her, saying it needs her help.

When she’s asked the metal orb ‘who are you?’ It says: ‘We are you.’  When she’s asked, ‘where do you come from?’  It answers: ‘Your future.’ When she’s asked, ‘what did you come for?’  It explains: To help you.’

In this new confusing life, Martha is being forced to abandon old beliefs about the nature of reality while also trying to stay alive.  And as you leave this story you might find yourself asking: do I really know who I am? And you might wonder whether now is a perfect time to begin to find out...

Friday, June 30, 2017

San Francisco Nights by Greg Messel

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"Another tantalizing continuation of the mystery series surrounding the lives of Private Investigators Sam and Amelia Slater. This book was sultry, captivating, and impossible to put down. In this suspenseful story, a wealthy damsel named Helen Latos has been receiving threatening messages from an anonymous harasser in regards to her affair with a married man. The messages contain quotes of Bible verses that state that adulterers shall be put to death. Seeing as she herself is married also, the messages leaves Helen feeling like her life is in danger just as much as her secret lover.

Frightened and vulnerable, Helen comes to Sam and Amelia for help, but something about her demeanor puts Amelia off. Despite her situation she is clearly attracted to Sam, and obviously has no problem seducing married men -- but ultimately her plea for help as well as her offer to pay double for their services wins them over and they decide to take her offer. As they begin working on her case, the messages get more personal and include information about the affair that only someone that is close to the situation could know about, which complicates things further. Could the person who is sending these messages be someone that Helen trusts? 

As all of this is taking place, the man who previously stalked and kidnapped Amelia, Simon Blanco, has escaped from jail. His unhealthy obsession with Amelia fuels him and he devises a plan to capture her...and this time, he is determined that nothing will stand in his way. This time, he is sure he will not be caught, and he will do all the terrible things to Amelia that he has fantasized about during his time in prison. Amelia's nightmares about him worsen as she receives news of his escape and puts her and those around her on edge.

Seeing this story all come together was riveting. I read the book start to finish in one sitting; it was just so hard to put down! I love a good mystery book and Greg Messel's Sam Slater series never disappoints. This book is amazing even as a standalone. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"
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Friday, March 3, 2017

New Novel Explores Four Decades of Research on Survivor’s Guilt After the Holocaust

Image result for out of the depths by david tannenbaum
In his new novel, ‘Out of the Depths’, author David Harry Tannenbaum uses fictional Holocaust survivor Dr. Bernard Helgman to highlight the survivor’s guilt that plagued many after the Holocaust. Tannenbaum spent four decades interviewing Holocaust survivors and compiling research.

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In his new novel, Out of the Depths, author David Harry Tannenbaum uses fictional Holocaust survivor Dr. Bernard Helgman to highlight the unresolved—and, perhaps, unsolvable—trauma that follows a man long after he leaves the barbed wire fence behind. Survivor’s guilt is now a recognized emotional and psychological condition that sometimes follows military personnel home from the war.

After World War I, people started using the term “survivor’s guilt” to describe the returning soldiers who carried the heavy burden of guilt that often comes from surviving when others did not. After World War II, doctors saw similar anxiety symptoms in Holocaust survivors they observed in soldiers who survived combat or citizens who survived natural disasters, terrorist attacks, plane crashes, and sudden loss of jobs.

It is these feelings that plague protagonist Dr. Bernard Helgman, who is haunted by dark memories and remorse of his time in Auschwitz, before he was even an adult. During the Holocaust, Helgman—a Jewish prisoner—had been forced to assist the SS doctors in their gruesome experiments.

David Harry Tannenbaum says, “Helgman's struggle to put Auschwitz behind him is a powerful story of our human drive to survive whatever life throws our way.” Tannenbaum says this story is important to him, after learning more about the Holocaust during law school. Despite having grown up Jewish, Tannenbaum had not been exposed to an in-depth examination of the Holocaust.

He spent the next forty years making up for it. In law school, he read cases stemming from the Nuremburg Trials. After graduation, while doing charity work in New Jersey, Tannenbaum met a man who had his concentration camp number tattooed on his arm. He was inspired to talk to Holocaust survivors and research the long-term mental and emotional impact of the trauma it caused, culminating in Out of the Depths.

David Harry Tannenbaum

David Harry Tannenbaum is a retired patent attorney and the author of five mystery novels, as well as a novel on autism and Asperger's 's syndrome—Standard Deviation. Originally from the East Coast, David was introduced to South Padre Island in 1992. Tannenbaum, and his wife, Mary, now live on the island with their dog, Franco. When not on the Island, David and Mary can usually be found enjoying Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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