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Encouragement to Lead a Positive Lifestyle in a World Pervaded by Negativity

             Karl Allen ’s 120 virtues to improve the reader and their world in a positive way

Recent headlines have been nothing short of dismal. Itis nearly impossible to find much that is positive in life. Americans are increasingly becoming more and more concerned about the lack of moral values and the lack of positive influences in the world. Karl Allen has done his part to remedy this by offering his philosophies of the positive understandings that ís missing.

The Golden Virtues of Jesus Christ by Karl Allen is far more than a typical self-help book.Using an extensive and well-explained list of 120 virtues, Allen shows the reader how he or she can lead a better life in a world that is full of immoral influences. The list is composed in such a way that the reader can determine which virtues they need to work on improving. Allen writes about justness, fairness, tenderness, thoughtfulness, courtesy, honesty, kindness, gentleness, and many more virtues that any person can benefit from by incorporating them into their own life.

At the very beginning of the book, Allen urges, "We have the potential for positive and negative behaviors in us; to both enhance each other's lives as humans, and to do each other harm. Virtues are the moral qualities we have predisposed within us to do each other good." lt is a powerful reminder that we all have good in us but the world has been practicing terrible evils. Through Allen's words, readers will be able to find and enhance their morality.

Today's world has negative influences at every turn: at school, at work, at home. There are good things in life, but they can often be hard to focus on. With these negative influences pressing on us, it can be difficult to lead a positive and virtuous lifestyle. The Golden Virtues of Jesus Christ arms readers with the tools they need to go against these negative and harmful powers in the world. ln a society in which morals are difficult to admire, if not impossible, to detect, The Golden Virtues of Jesus Christ is a much» needed breath of fresh air and inspiration.

Karl Allen

Karl Allen is a senior Psychology major with minors in Sociology and Philosophy. ln addition, he is also an un-ordained minister who has read the Bible from cover to cover, and is eager to help others improve their lives through its teachings.




The Golden Virtues ofJesus Christ is a book on learning to live a virtuous life, on why one would want to, and on the benefits society reaps when We do so. He takes a look at some basic attributes of life, such as the desire to retaliate, the conditions of our lives, whether we have suffered misuse or abuse, our personal sensitivity levels, our pride, and more. He then explains hovv these attributes or states of being affect our desire to achieve and maintain virtuous behavior. He lists and explains some techniques for becoming virtuous, i.e., self-monitoring, self-observation, good feelings, will power, benevolence,practice among others.

Alien explains the purpose of living the virtuous life. He telis us that virtues are how we "show courtesy" to each other as human beings. He points out that when there is an "absence of virtues, the world is in a state of turmoil and degeneration."

Next, Allen lists 120 Virtues which he first defines and then goes on to explain the need for adhering to the virtue in our lives. He tackles things like tactfulness, assertiveness, strong mindedness, wit, manners, expressiveness, kindness, sincerity, and other virtues, or qualities of behavior that serve to make us a better person. He states that virtues are "the positive effectual energies that we express in our speech, attitudes and deeds, that bring about the desirable events and experiences of life."

The book is written in a simple, easy-to-digest style, and in small, bite-sized chapters that are just right for evening contemplation or morning meditations. Try it, you`ll like it!


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