Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Addition to Every Music Buff’s Collection

Monica Daddio offers music lovers a storyline that they are certain to love, as well as a game with over 150 clues scattered throughout the text in her new book, ‘Humanizing the Jaguar’


The story of an ordinary young man rising to be a rock icon and live a life that is anything but ordinary is one that is familiar to anyone who has ever followed the lives of their favorite musicians.  Along the way, there are usually ego clashes, fights amongst band members, and maybe a little romance.  The life of a rock star has all of the elements of a page-turning book.

Music fans of all types will enjoy the new book by Monica Daddio, a fellow lifelong music supporter, who took this familiar story and humanized it.  In Humanizing the Jaguar: Portrait of a Superstar, she pays tribute to the artists that she loves, and offers a storyline that music fans are certain to appreciate.

Her central character, Bryan Wharton overcomes his emotionally scarring past through the love and encouragement of his new family to pursue his dream of rock and roll fame.  On the meteoric rise to fame, Bryan’s relationship with his band mates is tested when his attitude threatens to tear them apart.

When he meets a young woman who has no idea who he is, Bryan is able to open up to her.  Soon, he realizes he needs to devise a way for Donna to be near him for what he believes is his own selfishness.

Throughout the book, Daddio offers a game for music enthusiasts, encouraging them to find over 150 clues that are scattered through the text.  Whether readers are musical buffs who read to play the game, or they simply love a story that is filled with drama, suspense, and romance, Humanizing the Jaguar has it all. Music fans have something new to add to their collection: Monica Daddio’s must-read.

Monica Daddio


Monica Daddio was born and raised in Trenton, NJ. After working for the Mercer County Elections Office, she retired and relocated to the Bristol Virginia/ Tennessee area.  Her passion and love has always been music, and she jokes that she is a professional listener.  With a vast collection of over 500 artists, she has a wide range of musical tastes, and that’s how her story came to be. Humanizing the Jaguar is her tribute to the musicians and music she loves so much.

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