Monday, February 25, 2013

A Romantic Adventure that Will Appeal to Men and Women Alike

Author Kameron Scott offers readers a book that is part ‘Jurassic Park’, part ‘The Mummy’, and part ‘Romancing the Stone’

It is rare that a book categorized as a romance captures the attention of and entertains both men and women.  Author Kameron Scott does just that with his new book, Forgotten Love.  Scott describes his book as “part Jurassic Park, part The Mummy, and part Romancing the Stone,” and it lives up to that description, keeping readers engrossed in its story from cover to cover.

Jam-packed with action, adventure, and romance,
Forgotten Love is a quick read that readers can easily enjoy in the span of a few hours, giving them a satisfying story that doesn’t take them weeks to finish.  This, Scott says, is based on the type of books he likes to read; “My books can best be described as one-hour television episodes, as opposed to an Academy Award-winning, full-length feature film.”

Scott’s characters, Theo and Gillian, live in a world of “ancient mysteries and forgotten wonders.”  Readers are given a front-row seat to watch their adventures unfold in surprising and amazing ways.

It may be a fantastic story, but it is based on real-life events.  In July of 2012, there were a few days during the course of which 97 percent of Greenland’s ice sheet indicated surface melting. Intrigued by what he considered and “unbelievable” and “shocking” occurrence that seemed as though “it might have been carved out of the make-believe world of an adventure story,” Scott questioned, “What mysteries could be discovered there by two intrepid minds, if they went searching?”  Theo and Gillian’s story was born.

Readers will, inevitably, be left anxiously awaiting the next two installments in the ‘Forgotten Chronicles’ series, Forgotten Past and Forgotten Time.

Kameron Scott

Kameron Scott is a San Francisco native.  Scott is a former internet technology executive with over 12 years of experience building, managing, and scaling development teams.  He is currently living in Santa Barbara, California, where he is completing work on the next two books in the ‘Forgotten Chronicles’ series, Forgotten Past and Forgotten Time.

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