Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Romantic Album, Just in Time for the Hottest Holiday of the Year

Bobby Tinsley’s “Love Past…Love Present” gives listeners something to feel romantic about


Award-winning R&B artist Bobby Tinsley drops his new album, Love Past…Love Present, just in time for the most romantic holiday of the year.  

With his smooth, electric voice and intense, soulful lyrics, Bobby Tinsley sets the mood for listeners.  From the first notes of upbeat and excited “Stop the World”, which opens the album, Tinsley fans know they’re in for something good.  Moving on to slower, more romantic R&B ballads like “Under the Moonlight” and “Where’s My Heart”, Tinsley brings up the more complicated aspects of love, giving listeners something they can relate to, no matter their mood.

Calling up classic R&B sounds, beats, and themes, Tinsley seems to be channeling some of the greats on his newest albums, making it easy for listeners of all ages to enjoy.  “Magical” is certain to take listeners back in time through the highlights of R&B pop, and Tinsley’s intriguing voice soars from a deep, emotive speaker to a higher, smooth sound when he sings, laying his feelings bare for listeners.  Additionally, Bobby’s latest project reaches out to his fans in an unprecedented way: he plans to blog about one song from the new album each week, going in depth about its meaning to both himself and fans worldwide.

The themes of love, what it is and what it is not, where it’s been and where it may end up, are woven throughout the album, making Tinsley stand out among the young artists of today, cementing him a place in the upper echelon of R&B artists.  

  Bobby Tinsley

Bobby Tinsley is an amazing artist who entered the music world in 2004 with his self-produced album of all original songs, "Page 1”.  He has received thousands of letters, comments and messages from young and old, male and female alike, who are anxiously awaiting the release of his new project.  He has some of the most loyal fans in the world who adore his music, to the extent that they have made more than 850 different YouTube videos with their own versions of his songs. The total plays of these videos – driven completely by his fans - are more than 10 million.  

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