Monday, February 4, 2013

America’s Pop Sweetheart: the Once-Platinum and Ten Times-Golden Manou

Manou, who won over Europeans in the pop band BeFour, which toured over 100 cities yearly in Europe and starred in 160 episodes of their own show on the Disney Channel, has brought her upbeat sound to America


Manou has had a wildly successful career with German pop band beFour.  The band sold one million records, including one platinum record and ten golden records, and starred in 160 episodes of their own show on the Disney Channel.  Now, three years later, she is launching her career as a solo artist and bringing her music stateside. For all that accomplishment, MANOU came a long way. But she says: That’s only the beginning!

American pop fans will quickly discover exactly why Europe fell in love with Manou: her unique music, her crazy stage performances and her extraordinary fashion style. She was an idol in Europe for lots of kids and teenagers. Now Manou is on a one-woman mission together with her band and background dancers to offer a show that makes people happy and puts them in a trance so they forget about all of the troubles in their lives and in the world.  Her music is different, too, from the feel-good pop that is out there, not limited to a particular age, but is, instead, ageless: everyone from young to old can identify with the universal themes in her music.

Manou co-wrote her new album with the songwriter/ producer Taylor Carroll from Nashville.  Together, they created something new that is certain to satisfy her existing fans and win over new fans.  In writing her new album, Manou drew on experiences from her own life. True to her freaky nature and desire to spread happiness, there is even a little surprise in the album: Manou stickers.

Americans will, undoubtedly, fall in love with Manou, who has long been one of Europe’s sweethearts and idols, and her new music.

Manou Oeschger


Manou has sold over one million records.  One of her albums has gone platinum and ten times gold in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.  She has received two Echo nominations (the German equivalent of the Grammys). Her debut album, All 4 One, reached #1 on the German and Swiss charts and #2 on the Austrian charts.
Manou came to prominence after participating in the most successful European Disney Band, “beFour”, whose concert tours reached over 100 cities yearly in Europe, as well as 168 episodes of their own television show on the Disney Channel.

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