Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creating Reader-Grabbing Blog Post Headlines

There are effective ways to infuse your headline with the sense of urgency your post is trying to convey. The most crucial part of your blog is where the visitors land. Headlines create or destroy blog traffic because they are the first thing most readers see.

Writing the best headline is not as complicated as many would think; it can be simple if you follow the right process. Rather than thinking of how you should write your headline think of what it should say to your visitors. To help you think about a possible headline, listed here are the types of headlines to choose from.

1. News Headline. If your content proposes something newsworthy, publicize it in your headline. You can make use of words like Now, New, Introducing, Just Released, Finally, At Last, or Announcing to make your News Headline more appealing. Finally! A New Diet Pill that Can Work in Just Seven Days!

2. Benefit Headline. Benefits sell content. To compose a winning benefit headline, you must be overly familiar with your readers. This will let you offer them a compelling and powerful benefit- driven headline that will easily entice your audience. Research every benefit your readers are looking for in a product or service. Cleans and Whitens Your Teeth.

3. Guarantee Headline. These headlines present appealing benefits and guarantee results. If your content gives a powerful guarantee, let would-be readers know it by showing it in your headline. 3 Steps for Naturally Eliminating Wrinkles in 10 days.

4. How to Headline. Try placing "how to" in your headline and readers want to know what solutions, information, and advice you have for their problems. How to Win Back Lost Freelance Customers.

5. Testimonial Headline. This type of headline utilizes testimonials of customers for the headline. Your customers will sell for you, since they will be talking of the benefits theygain from your products or services. Susan's Life was Changed by this Self-Help Book.

6. Question Headline. You must be cautious when using this type. Be well informed of your market, or you may blow your chances of gaining them as a reader. The good question headlines encourage your readers to be involved. Have You Ever Turned a First Date into Disaster?

7. Command Headline. This headline instructs the reader what they will do. The command must encourage action through a benefit offering. Effective Command Headlines must start with action verbs. Stop Your Financial Problems!

8. Reason Why Headline. This headline will give your prospective reader reasons why they need to read your post. These headlines are effective because they include specific numbers and facts. Fun and Easy Ways to Earn $500 From Home.

You can model your headline from the types listed above; but be sure to add sizzle to your headlines to compel readers to visit your blog. Move beyond the usual. Create headlines with a unique angle. Add attention-grabbing terms and watch your number of blog readers surge!

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  1. Great ideas! I love how you put out ideas that will work but also that are simple and easy to implement right away. I'm planning on doing just that. Thanks!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)


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