Friday, July 2, 2010

Should You Take A Creative Writing Course?

photo by Doris Hausen

When you do exercises that get the mind working, you are improving your life in all other aspects. When you have to think, you are giving your brain a workout much like you would do for your body. Even if you aren't doing something that is related to your field of study, you are helping your brain work better. If you want something to jog your mind and to help keep your thought processes sharp and working hard, you should consider taking a creative writing course.

A creative writing course is great even if you aren't a writer and even if you have no interest in every being a writer. The courses force you to be creative and think of things you may not have ever imagined before. This keeps you open and keeps you thinking. Many who work in jobs that require a lot of problem solving greatly benefit from taking a creative writing course. If you can stretch your mind to create a story, you will find that you can easily stretch your mind to come up with new ways to solve old problems.

A creative writing course is also great if you are a writer. You might learn new things about your craft, and you might also learn how to push through writing blocks. Even if you are a technical writer or a journalist, you can still benefit from the exercises involved in a creative writing course. You can learn how to think of better story angles or perhaps slants on articles that you may never have been able to think of before you started. They will expand your mind and help you in all areas of your career. You may even find that you like it enough to do some creative writing on the side.

If you want to take a creative writing course you can find them online or in your local community. You may find some at a community college that are only a few months in length and won't cost you a lot of money. You can find them online as well, and if you have a full time career, this might be the way to go for you. There are 10 universities offering free online writing courses.You can take your creative writing course whenever you have the time and you can get your own hours. If you have a look around online, you will find plenty of options from which to choose.


  1. Excellent point! I agree that stretching your creative mind is beneficial and very important, and writing class is a great way to do that. I think it goes the other way around too: writers should try and stretch their minds in lots of ways, like playing a musical instrument or doing sudoku. Stretching your mind in those ways may help your every day writing.

    Sarah Allen
    (mycreative writing blog)

  2. Thanks for a great post! As the teacher of a creative writing course designed for anyone from novice to professional writers, I would only quibble with one little thing you said...I don't really like the idea of dividing people into writers and non-writers (though I know that most people themselves make such classifications). I believe that writing is as natural, as human, and (nearly) as fundamental to our nature as breathing, eating, walking, dancing, and thus is for everyone. I believe that people who don't think of themselves as writers are people who have had an important part of their human birthright stolen from them somewhere along the way. For such people, it can be enormously liberating and joyful to reclaim
    that birthright!


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