Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Any Book Can Be a Bestseller!

Every author dreams of becoming a bestseller. It is actually a very simple concept. Get enough people to buy your book through tracked retailers within a short period of time. However, the careful planning and logistics of making this happen can be overwhelming. So why do authors care so much about this recognition?

There are five reasons why every author should shoot for bestseller status:

1. You Become a Celebrity

The celebrity status gained by becoming a best seller is immeasurable. A title you keep for the rest of your life. There are experts that know exactly what it takes to accomplish this goal. The more significant the bestseller title, the more strategic and expansive the scope of requirements becomes. The order of challenge and significance from least to greatest would be,, then NYT Bestseller. Being a bestseller, even on, adds instant credibility.

2. Exposure

As a bestseller, your book will be featured in special ways. Retailers who are not currently carrying a book will want to when they see that it is a bestseller elsewhere. Exposure is what sells books. When we are able to put bestseller on marketing materials and press releases, the response is significantly greater.

3. Special Pricing for Buyers

Retail outlets will often sell bestsellers at a special price without effecting the author or publisher. This will make the book more attractive to buyers in comparison with other books.

4. Exponential Increase in Sales

Becoming a bestseller builds momentum. Every retailer wants to carry the best sellers because they are what everyone must want. Becoming a bestseller breeds curiosity. People immediately want to know why your book became a bestseller. This generates buyers.

5. Increased Income Potential

If you are a speaker, meeting planners will be more likely to choose the author who is a bestseller. As a consultant, trainer, or coach, you will be able to garner higher rates of pay. Instead of struggling for media attention, the media will come to you.

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