Monday, November 11, 2013

TERNION Inc: A New Athletic Consulting Firm Created With the Athlete in Mind

Training with TERNION enables athletes to perform at a higher level than ever before by helping them tackle obstacles with revolutionary solutions.

New (Consulting Firm) TERNION equips athletes with the skills and knowledge to safely explore their greatest potential.  Founded by three experienced and well- respected athletes/ trainers/ coaches, TERNION works to fill in the gaps that currently exist in most athletic training methods.  As a result, athletes who train with TERNION are able to engage with their sport in an unparalleled and profound manner.

TERNION treats each client as unique, first consulting with the individual client, then constructing a plan that fits the client’s needs.  Finally, that plan is implemented, beginning with fundamental movement skills and continuing on to mental focus drills and performance progressions.  This combination diminishes the potential for injury as well as ensuring that athletes reach their greatest level of performance.  Athletes gain knowledge in the fields of Injury Prevention, Metabolic Conditioning, Joint Preservation, and sport specific fundamental mastery helping to empower athletes to have long and successful career.  This especially holds in consideration to young athletes, who are assessed not only by age but also by mental and physical development.

TERNION seeks to discover a balance between the athlete’s mind, body, and sport.  The mind is often overlooked in athletic training, but it is an athlete’s most important tool, and must be as focused as the body is strong.  Sports are man-made and thus not natural, but through training must become natural to an athlete in order to find the true balance in the Mind, Body, and Sport continuum. When this balance is found, TERNION has succeeded in empowering an athlete to operate at their personal best.

Doug Christie, Tim Manson, and Sly Walters

Douglas Christie, a Seattle native, enjoyed a fourteen-year career with the NBA.  After retiring, he has worked training athletes and deeply studying basketball in order to (help) devise the Mind, Body, and Sport plan.

Tim Manson has spent fifteen years building (a) respected reputation as an Athletic Injury Prevention/ Performance Enhancement Specialist.  His clientele (ranges) from young and teenage athletes to seasoned professionals, and he enjoys mentoring people of all ages.

Sylvester “Sly” Walters is a renowned coach and Head Athletic Trainer and the owner of Evolution Extreme Training in Mississauga, ON.  He has worked extensively with Athletes and physical therapists to address issues concerning musculature, bio-mechanics in sports, and develop specialized training programs for a number of individual athletes and teams.

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