Monday, November 25, 2013

Exploring Music through Poetry

Tatiana Pietrzak’s first compilation of poetry
 encourages readers to  open to the possibilities of the music that occurs in every aspect of life.

Sound and rhythm have been attracting humans for centuries; found in everything, they are the foundations of what we now call music. These naturally occurring marvels have been cultivated through the ages by humans like the wild vegetables and grains that became crops, finally molded into a codified language and form. And while the aspects of music that we now take for granted- notes, key signatures, and pitch- are widely recognized, music still occurs in an organic, or unplanned and even unintended, way.

The Music is Written by Tatiana Pietrzak is a compilation of poetry that explores the many places in which music can be found. Readers are encouraged to seek out the music hidden in everyday occurrences. Hopefully, these poems even inspire readers both young and old to express the music they have within themselves. Many people pick up a musical instrument at some point in their lives; but few realize that playing a musical instrument well is not the only way they can engage with the music itself. Tatiana Pietrzak’s poems help readers understand that nurturing one’s creative side helps unlock the potential to appreciate the pedestrian occurrences of sound and rhythm.

The Music is Written acts as an invigorating tonic for all readers, who will especially enjoy the widening of their horizons with poems that connect music to animals, the ocean, and neuroscience. Perhaps, they may even be inspired to make their own music, whether revisiting an instrument played many years before or picking up on for the very first time. The Music is Written is available through and

Tatiana Pietrzak

Tatiana Pietrzak has been granted many honors for her work as a poet, including a Distinguished Membership from The International Society of Poets. She has also won two Editor’s Choice awards from the National Library of Congress. Ms. Pietrzak has studied all over the world in London, Siena, Florence and Paris. She holds a Master’s in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College, after which she lived in Beijing, working in film and television. She did not publish The Music is Written for a number of years, until her battle with cancer convinced her to take advantage of the brief and precious gift of life. She is currently working on her first novel and her second compilation of poetry.

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