Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dr. Satwant Kaur Appointed New HP HLS Innovation Chief Technologist

The ‘first lady of emerging technologies’, Dr. Satwant Kaur, has been appointed as HP’s new HLS innovation chief technologist.

Dr. Satwant Kaur, who has made a name for herself as “First Lady of Emerging Technologies” has taken the position of HP HLS Innovation Chief Technologist in the office of the CTO at Hewlett-Packard.
Before joining the team at HP, she served as a platform strategist in the Intel Architecture Group at Intel and as director of development at Symantec.   Dr. Kaur is known for building many first-of-a-kind systems, and she has built technologies and solutions related to or dealing with Intel chips, embedded systems, cloud computing, mobile networks, enterprise security, enterprise storage, enterprise systems, eCommerce, ePayments, Big Data analytics, industrial automation, intelligent environments, and virtualization across the stack.
The United States honored her abilities and accomplishments by bequeathing citizenship in the highest category, "Extraordinary Ability", in 2000.  She has received many awards and accolades for her unparalleled accomplishments in technology, including: Intel’s 2009 Technology Innovation Award, Intel’s 2009 Outstanding Women Award, and IEEE EIT’s 2001 best paper award for her paper “Mobile IP and Implementation of Regional Registration”.
She has authored the Amazon bestseller book "Transitioning Embedded Systems to Intelligent Environments".  Dr. Kaur has over 20 years of experience as a technology executive, and she has been hailed as “First Lady of Emerging Technologies” by television, radio, video, and podcast media worldwide.  Dr. Kaur had a weekly podcast "First Lady of Emerging Technologies" on "Computers2Know", with an audience of thousands in 2011, and she has been featured in high-profile media outlets, such as the Huffington Post, CBS’s TechRepublicInto Tomorrow RadioTapScapeEtopia News,ImageSource MagazineThe Peggy Smedley Radio ShowIT World CanadaIS MagazineIETE International JournalsConnected World MagazineMobile Dev& DesignMoney Radio 1510, and Askimo TV.
Dr. Kaur would be happy to interview on topics such as DNA data storage, microfluidic chips, nanofibers, and memristors.

Dr. Satwant Kaur

Dr. Satwant Kaur holds a Bachelors of Technology in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India.  She has an MS in engineering and computer science from Oakland University in Oakland, Michigan.  She also has a PhD in enhanced Internet protocols for efficient mobile communication from Oakland University.
Dr. Satwant Kaur, First Lady of Emerging Technologies®, expresses her own personal views and opinions in all communications including all electronic, broadcast, and print media formats. Dr. Satwant Kaur is not endorsed by any third-party affiliation, organization, or employer and all opinions are solely of Dr. Kaur's, and do not reflect the opinions and/or views of any third-party affiliation, organization, or employer.

For more information, please visit http://www.SatwantKaur.com.

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