Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Thrilling Sequel to The Grievance Committee

In Frank R. Southers’ new novel, ‘A Serious Mistake’, the law isn’t just a job for Scott Lonnigan—it’s his life.

Frank R. Southers’ new book, A Serious Mistake is the second novel in his The Grievance Committee series.  The series centers on the Grievance Committee of San Antonio, Texas, with each novel focusing on a slightly different storyline.  A Serious Mistake focuses on criminal defense lawyer Scott Lonnigan, who takes his job very seriously.

Scott Lonnigan treats his appointment to the Grievance Committee in San Antonio, Texas just the same as his job as a criminal defense lawyer: with deadly seriousness.  Many would go so far as to say that the job consumes Scott’s life.  He throws himself into his work, always making sure to use common sense when judging the often heated and weighty complaints against lawyers.  A lot hangs in the balance for members of both sides, and Lonnigan makes sure he respects the importance of his job.  In his eyes, every accusation means at least one person, whether the lawyer or the client, made a serious mistake.

A Serious Mistake also develops a great deal of other characters, preparing the reader for Southers’ upcoming third book and beyond, where they will surely meet them again.  His compelling introductions to this varied group of people kindles in the reader the desire to get to know them better, ensuring that his further installments in The Grievance Committee will be hotly anticipated.  However, readers will hardly be thinking ahead as the novel grows more thrilling and Scott Lonnigan faces the consequences of his own terrible mistake.  Now the judge is the accused, and his world will be turned upside down.

Frank R. Southers

Frank R. Southers He graduated from St. Mary’s University with a B.A. in English and graduated magnum cum laude from St. Mary’s University School of Law at age 22.  He is well qualified to write about the Texas Lawyer Disciplinary System, due to his 10 years of service in San Antonio on the Grievance Committee, the last 6 as Chairperson.  Since then he has represented complainants, accused lawyers, and witnesses.  Mr. Southers taught as an Adjunct Professor of Law for 20 years at St. Mary’s University School of Law.  He has been named a “Super Lawyer” by Texas Monthly Magazine. Mr. Southers lives in Austin with his wife, Dr. Linda R. Southers, PhD., and their two dogs.

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