Monday, October 14, 2013

A Madcap Mystery-Adventure

Author Norm Spitzig takes readers on an epic journey of good and evil punctuated by whimsy, mystery, and good cheer in ‘Soul on Nice’.

Norm Spitzig’s new novel, Soul on Nice, follows Esther, the likable, quirky waitress at Old Bunbury Golf Links and Reading Club.  Readers of Private Clubs in America and Around the World and Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury, two books Spitzig has written under the pseudonym Clive Endive Ogive IV, will recognize Esther as the protagonist of those works.

Soul on Nice is a truly international adventure, opening with Esther sipping Chardonnay on a plane bound for beautiful New Zealand.  Esther, an aging waitress and fixture at Old Bunbury, is heading to her favorite country as a reward for her impressive detective work, having solved a murder (see Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury) at the club.  So, Bunbury’s sister club will host the sharp-minded sleuth and honor her in the lavish style of private clubs. However, a colossal battle of good and evil looms in Esther’s future, promising excitement of an altogether different kind to shade Esther’s journeys.

Soul On Ice is sure to appeal to a wide variety of readers.  Lovers of clever mysteries will be entranced by Esther’s latest challenge, while lovers of the travelogue will appreciate the detailed descriptions of one of the world’s most beautiful countries.  All readers with a sense of humor can’t help but be drawn in by Esther’s sassy, yet kindhearted, knowledge of all the goings-on at Bunbury for the past half century.  Finally, readers who are interested in the madcap world of private golf clubs will be delighted by Spitzig’s accurate portrayal.

Norm Spitzig

Norm Spitzig is recognized internationally as a successful entrepreneur and leading business consultant.  He is known as an eloquent, humorous, and engaging speaker on a variety of business and lifestyle topics.  Norm’s professional contributions to, and leadership in, the worldwide private club industry have been extremely significant.  His first book, Perspectives on Club Management, continues to challenge and motivate club professionals, despite being over thirty years old.  He was also elected a national director of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) in 1989, later serving as its president in 1995.  That same year, he became one of the original six general managers to be awarded the prestigious lifetime Master Club Manager (MCM) designation.

Norm Spitzig authored three books between Perspectives in Club Management and Soul on Nice: Private Clubs in America and Around the World, Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury (both under the name of Clive Endive Ogive IV), and How Now, Norm’s Tao; his autobiography.  Norm resides in the historic town of Mount Dora, Florida with his wife Cody and chocolate lab, Lucy.

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