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British author and former Banker, Toby Heale, has announced that his debut thriller, THE REBELLION FOR DEMOCRACY, will be free to download in the UK and US this Easter - March 28th, 29th and 30th - with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

THE REBELLION FOR DEMOCRACY tells the story of Jack Palmer one of the leaders of a London based rebellion to restore true democracy, that gains popular support by declaring areas free from draconian laws and crippling taxes. Finding himself embroiled in treachery within his own organisation, Palmer has the added complication of falling for a woman who works in the government department at the hub of the crackdown. Fighting the state apparatus and struggling against betrayal, Jack Palmer finds subtle help that enables him to take the battle against dictatorship into the heart of the security forces.

Twice in the last one hundred years, the USA has sent her troops to defend freedom and democracy in Europe. Will they do it again? Will there be a third time? Or will Uncle Sam say 'enough is enough.'
Read THE REBELLION FOR DEMOCRACY (while it's free) and join in the debate at
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The free offer coincides with the release of Toby's third novel, THE FLIGHT OF THE TSAR, the latest in his epic tale of the Brandt Family history - a furiously paced historical thriller that throws a torch into the dark corners of history. Opening in Berlin in 1813 as Bonaparte recruits a new army. The Tsar sends Paul Brandt to London to find his love, but the English want their gold back: Murder, the noose and fraud all await. A sea battle and chase go badly but the Tsar’s incredible plot takes shape. Now Bonaparte must be beaten, Leipzig and Waterloo loom.

Toby Heale has spent most of his life working in finance. In 1964 he became a Member of the London Stock Exchange. He worked as a broker in the Far East and Emerging Markets based in London and Hong Kong. In the late 1980’s he founded Investor Information Ltd and ran it for fourteen years with offices in Hong Kong, Christchurch, New Zealand and London.

Still in Hong Kong, Toby became an Expert Witness for Insider Dealing cases, a perfect training for his first book Corruption-Absolutely! Which was published by the Social Affairs Unit in 2009 and is available in paperback and as an e-book. Toby has been married for 45 years and lives with his wife in Christchurch, They have two sons, two daughters- in-law and five grandchildren.

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