Monday, March 25, 2013

A Heart-Pounding Quest for Justice

David S. Wellhauser’s ‘The Seurat Construct’ is part science fiction, part mystery, part suspense, and wholly page-turning

Author David S. Wellhauser combines mystery, science fiction, and suspense in his fantastical novel about a quest for justice that takes a turn for the very strange and unusual.  The Seurat Construct is one man’s search for truth through a labyrinthine set of events that will have readers excitedly turning the pages in order to reach the next bizarre step.

Sandu Barr has spent years searching for the murderer of his wife.  He has traveled through cities, across countries, and over continents.  After too many dead ends and not enough to go on, Sandu has come to a grinding halt in his search.  Until, that is, he agrees to meet a mysterious stranger hard on the docks in the industrial basin in the middle of the night.  Chasing the figure scuttling down the ruined, derelict streets, he knows that his bad luck is about to break.

What follows is a mind-boggling series of events that lead Sandu into an even more enigmatic world, one that is filled with strange creatures, intriguing secrets, powerful revenge, demented sexuality, and one transmogrifying cat.  Assisted in his quest by a black grimalkin, a hesitant, self-righteous cabal, and his own need for revenge, Sandu chases a bevy of characters and situations that cross time, involve M-Theory, and carry the burden of revolutionary wrath and justice.

Readers who are fascinated by science fiction, mystery, psychological nihilism, and suspense will love The Seurat Construct.  It’s myriad characters that cross the realms of fantasy and myth make Sandu’s journey a dark, whimsical, and mystical one, but his search for the truth grounds the character in a place that readers can relate to.  The Seurat Construct is the first installment of ‘The Burdened Air’, and after reaching its phenomenal conclusion, readers will undoubtedly be eager to read Book Two, The Dog Particle.

David S. Wellhauser

David S. Wellhauser is an Assistant Professor at Keimyung University, in Daegu, The Republic of Korea. Originally, he is from Canada, but has spent most of his career teaching in different parts of the world. Mr. Wellhauser has an M.A. (English Lit.) from the University of Guelph-- Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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