Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Enigmatic Heroine worth Rooting For

Mysterious author Holy Ghost Writer’s enigmatic Count of Monte Cristo Series continues with ‘That Girl Started Her Own Country’


Mystery author Holy Ghost Writer brings another phenomenal addition to the table in the sixth book of the Count of Monte Cristo Series, That Girl Started Her Own Country.  Fun, fast-paced, and filled with intrigue and excitement, That Girl Started Her Own Country is certain to delight both old and new fans of the secretive writer.

That Girl Started Her Own Country is the story of Zaydee, a jet-setting, international playgirl with plenty of secrets to keep.  In love with investigative journalist Steven Larson, Zaydee finds herself scared for his safety when she discovers that he’s researching a hard-hitting, and somewhat dangerous, story about the Bilderberg Group.  After devising a complicated scheme to help him, the tables are turned when Zaydee finds out that she’s been the victim of a shady investment broker, and she’s arrested by the FBI.

While she’s incarcerated, the mystery surrounding Zaydee only deepens, as she’s booked under the vague moniker of “Princess Jane Doe”.  Refusing to reveal her identity but reveling in her new royal title, Zaydee becomes a media darling as she defends herself in court and hatches a plan to break out of prison.  Her plan becomes more and more elaborate, eventually involving a brilliant math professor and Yale’s secretive Skull and Bones Society
Readers will certainly be taken on a wild ride as they turn each page, with each finely drawn character’s motivations and allegiance coming under fire of doubt.  A thrilling book that has already delighted readers and reached the number one spot on Amazon’s Kindle, That Girl Started Her Own Country may just be Holy Ghost Writer’s most fascinating and exciting novel yet.

Holy Ghost Writer
The identity of the mysterious “Holy Ghost Writer” remains a mystery to readers.  For those inquisitive readers who want the opportunity to win a $2,500 prize by correctly guessing the identity of “Holy Ghost Writer” before he/ she reveals his/her identity, guesses should be sent to prize@sultanofmontecristo.com.

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