Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Wonder and Appreciation of Creation

Peter Knoester has provided readers with a thought-provoking and reflective work in Religious Thoughts, Stories, and Poetry.  He uses a variety of media to address the great questions of humanity, including the issue of creation.

In a time when creationists and evolutionists are still hotly divided, deriding each other as either ignorant or faithless, Knoester offers a refreshing approach on the issue, instilling a wonder and appreciation of the world and creation in readers.  He illuminates how “the very stones in our driveway or on a gravel road” are not human creations but are “from the beginning of time, whether they were in a molten state or as atomic particles or even gaseous form.”  Although humans may have chosen to alter their forms or their uses, “they were there at the ‘beginning’ in one form or another.”  He helps us to understand that “nothing can be added or taken away from anything that was created by the Almighty.”

He explains that time is the only genuine creation of humans; “I believe time to be a human invention, because basically time does not exist.  Although we take the “rotation of the Planets around the sun and the set times of the moon and the deterioration of our body cells, which causes us to age” as proof that time exists, time is still a conceptual notion used by humans.

While others debate creation in a debasing manner towards the parties that oppose their beliefs, with both the religious and the scientific engaging in nasty rhetoric toward each other, Knoester’s approach is quite refreshing.  His unique outlook that humans are able to create concepts, while God is the only one capable of creating matter, offers a unique perspective that honors and appreciates the infinity and beauty of God’s creation.

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