Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Biblical Perspective on Adultery

In his book, No Innocent Affair, Edward Mrkvicka takes on the difficult subject of adultery without wavering from the Bible as his foundation. Based on his 50 years of experience counseling with couples to save their marriage, He gives answers that work.

Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr. D.D. (honoris causa) is a lay minister and counselor, and life-long Bible student. His religious writings have been awarded Best Christian Book of the Year, Best Christian Study of the Year, named a National Best Book Awards finalist, and a winner in the Christian Choice Book Awards. He has also been awarded the prestigious Faith Writers Seal of Approval.

His efforts on behalf of families, understanding adultery, and the devastating effect of divorce on children have earned him a United States Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition “in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community.”

According to Dr. Mrkvicka, adultery is not worth the cost; not only to the adulterer, but to all those in his/her life (especially innocent children), so it’s best to avoid the temptation. But, if the line has been crossed, there is only one way back, and that is to get right with God. Only then can we rejoin our earthly family and His heavenly family.

Finally, an honest discussion about what adultery really is, and what it represents to all it touches. Most of all, No Innocent Affair gives answers where it might appear there are none.

No Innocent Affair is an in-depth, easy to read discussion of the matter of adultery and the seriousness of its consequences. More important, it explains how we can get right with God once we have made the mistake of giving in to its temptations. It purposely contains none of the author’s opinions, but instead is based entirely on a biblical perspective. No Innocent Affair is written out of love for both the adulterer and the victims of his/her adultery.

Dr. Mrkvicka has succeed where secular counselors fail. He believes a sinner must get right with God first, before he/she can get right with their aggrieved family.  The Bible says an adulterer destroys his own soul – No Innocent Affair is premised on Luke 15:7, which says “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.”





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