Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Putting a Face on AIDS

Living Beyond Rainbows

David Marty’s Living Beyond Rainbows chronicles his personal journey, putting a face on AIDS and sexual addiction, demystifying HIV, and replacing fear and ignorance with honesty and information.  Marty, a chiropractor for more than thirty years who worked closely in the HIV care community since it first came to national prevalence in the early 1980s, has seen both sides of AIDS: AIDS care giving and living with HIV.

In 2006, Marty had a close encounter with death with HIV as the suspected culprit; since then, he has struggled to live healthily with HIV and bring awareness based on factual information to society.  Marty brings his readers the message that AIDS is no longer a lethal disease and that coexistence with the virus can work by restoring the immune system.

Living Beyond Rainbows urges its readers, “Ignorance and insecurity only seems to breed more fear and isolation.  Open up the blinders and get educated.  Realize that we’re all in this sea of humanity and that we all benefit when we learn to love and respect each other.”  Marty exhorts people living with AIDS to go beyond shame and victimization and each uninfected person to realize the worth in using safe sex practices to avoid exposure.

His evocative memoirs will leave readers thinking about his life story long after they have turned the last page.  Ultimately, Marty artfully presents the uplifting message that life is a gift.

For more information about David Marty, follow him on Twitter @Author_DMarty, find him on Facebook at!/dmarty51, or read his blog at

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