Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Successful Marketing in the Information Age

Photo by Heath Brandon

Let's face it. We live in an era where marketing is our key to wealth and success. We survive by "selling" our services, products, thoughts, advice and entertainment. In order to sell, we must first find out to whom, how, and where. The sources we relied on in the past are old news, inefficient, and out-dated.  No longer do we count on the paper phone book, nor the landline. What was once our golden ticket went out when the Information Age took precedence.

Let us first look at whom. To whom will the book most likely cater? What makes a certain age group interested in what you have to offer? Is it geared toward a particular gender?  Most definitely, these are questions you must first answer in order to know where to start marketing your book.

Where do you publicize? Locally is usually the answer. Your family and friends and the area from where you gleaned your inspiration is where to start. Then move on to local media outlets, such as local newspapers and television.  You must build your base locally in order to branch out to those who do not know and trust your work.  By this time, you have a team of people who will do the one key thing that never goes out with the ages. That is marketing your book by "word of mouth."

Lastly, how do you go about getting outside your city limits? It is relatively easy. The infinite age of technology. The Internet. The worldwide web. It comes in many forms. Computers, smart-phones, E-readers. It can be accessed by millions with just one touch. Get your product out there, get it online. Hire a marketing coach to assist you. (me) Endless avenues await, use it to your advantage!

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