Monday, March 14, 2011

Avoiding Paper Wads

Photo by Mark van Laere

Type it, erase it, rewrite it, recycle it, apply whiteout, trash it! Sick of paper wads? Tired of starting your work, only to become frustrated with not being able to finish it?

When nothing is coming out right, and the words on the paper are not flowing, it’s time to re-assess your goals. What was your original mindset, your intent, what inspired you and where did you get off-track?

Sometimes it takes stepping away for a while. Whether it be overnight or for a few days or so, you simply have to re-group. De-clutter your mind as well as the space around you.  Take the time to do other things that makes you tick, that get your adrenaline pumping; simply get out and get some fresh air—and then get back to work.

Once you are back to the grind, begin with a new attitude. Do not become discouraged if you hit a roadblock right away. Remember, that just like any "job," this also has its high and low points. There are days that are harder to face, with obstacles to overcome, and fortunately, some days are bound to be smoother and more carefree by comparison.

Most importantly, remember that if it gets too "hard," or you are forcing your work to come together, then it is time to step back for a while—and do not be afraid to work on  another writing project in order to mentally get over the hump.

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