Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be Your Writing Self

Photo by Len Matthews

We all have people we look up to, admire and respect within the writing community. We follow their work, wait for the next piece of literature they produce and oftentimes end up comparing our work to the work of others.

While we have a great appreciation for their work, we have to remember that what brought them success were their own unique writing styles.  In order to gain confidence in your own writing skills, simply be true to yourself and get away from what you have always considered to be the "right" way to make a story or an article come to life.

If you are writing and it does not feel comfortable to you, then it will not be your best work. Your finest creations will come from those things that are passionate to you; the things that make up your personality, the things that people love most about you. That should be your "style."

Individuality will stand out far above the "norm" and the "humdrum." It is easy to fall into that trap; it feels safe but it will only get you so far. If you aspire to really take your writing to the next level, and want to make a career and be a success, then do not be fearful of trusting your own instincts. Digging a little deeper and knowing what you have inside is worthwhile—and just as desirable as the next person.

If you are blessed with a great sense of humor, then use it! If you are gifted more in the wisdom arena, then go with it. Your unique style is what will ultimately bring you your greatest achievement.

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