Friday, November 7, 2014

The Knighting of Sir Kaye nominated for the Voyager (Young Reader) Marble Award from Storytellers Campfire:



Sir Kaye Needs Your Vote!
​​On September 28th, it was announced on the Storyteller’s Campfire radio program that The Knighting of Sir Kaye was nominated for their first Voyager Marble Award in the Pre-teen, Teen and Young Adult category—see below for background on the Marble Awards.  The award winners will be announced sometime in February. 
A big part of the winning selection will be audience/consumer votes and here is where we need to get out the vote for Sir Kaye

How To Vote:
On the Marble Awards website there is a button that says “Vote for Nominee”.  When you push the button I will bring up a blank email with just their email address ( 

The easiest thing to do is just send an email using the above email address without needing to go to their webpage.   Next, just enter something in the subject line (like: voting for Marble Award nominee or whatever you’d like) and in the body of the email just state that you would like to vote for the The Knighting of Sir Kaye for the Voyager Marble Award and anything else you would like to say about Sir Kaye…or just leave it at that, that’s up to you.  

The Knighting of Sir Kaye has a good chance of winning if we can get out the vote.  Please vote and if you can ask family and friends to vote too that would be even better.   Please let me know as soon as you’ve voted and if you were able to get other votes so I can try to keep track (to the extent possible) of the number of votes.  

Here's the Marble Awards page:

What is Storytellers Campfire and the Marble Awards?

Storytellers Campfire’s is an internet radio program featuring guests from all around the world. Their mission is to teach history, preserve culture, and honor tradition with literary artists of all genres—including musicians, historians, professionals, educators, inspirational speakers, entertainers, and storytellers sharing and passing stories, knowledge, and experiences from one generation to the next.
Since their radio program began in 2006, Storytellers Campfire has featured thousands of guests from all over the world and now they want to honor and distinguish some of those guests. Over the last eight years they have reviewed more than ten thousand books and they have over seven thousand people on their waiting list to be on the show. I have been featured on their program twice and they plan to have me on again after the second Sir Kaye book is out.
For the first time Storytellers Campfire is presenting Marble Awards to those who have dedicated themselves in their work beyond expectation and have shared their passion and commitment with the world. Guests on the Storyteller’s Campfire represent 82 countries and 42 provinces. Out of thousands of selections they chose only 104 nominees for the Marble Awards. The award categories include Fiction, Non-Fiction, Teen, Young Reader, Children and Educational Books, Music CDs, Storytellers, Research Literary Work, Articles, Illustrators, and Publishers all exhibiting exceptional work.  This award was unsolicited and was kept secret until the nominees were announced on September 28th. The Knighting of Sir Kaye is one of only four nominees in the Young Reader Category.

Winners will be announced in February, 2015.  A slideshow of all the nominations is available on their website. 

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