Friday, February 28, 2014

New E-Book Blows Away Conventional Sun Care Wisdom

Getting the facts about sunscreen, protecting your skin during sun exposure, and avoiding skin cancer can often be confusing. A new $0.99 cent eBook called “Sun Care Decoded: Answers to Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask,” finally puts the topic of sun care into perspective in a clear and concise way that everyone can understand.This book changes the way approach protecting your skin from over-exposure. “Our goal was to put the truth about sunscreens and sun care out there and so everyone would have the power to make the right choice,” said Michael J. Russ. His experience as owner of Oceana Naturals, the U.S. distributor of MelanSol® Certified 100% Natural Skin Care products, has given him some great insight into the sunscreen industry, including many common misconceptions. “People are surprised when I tell them their traditional sunscreen doesn’t perform the way they think it does,” said Russ.

The 74 page eBook is written in a Q & A format and reveals surprising facts that are rarely discussed, including the hidden risks associated with traditional sunscreen, the affect sunscreens have on vitamin D production, the secret role of natural antioxidants during sun exposure, the real meaning of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), how to select the right sunscreen for your skin pigment, the three pillars of healthy sun care, and more.

Russ describes his inspiration for authoring this type of informative book about sunscreen, “There is a wealth of misinformation about how to safely engage with the sun. I wrote this book with Peter Zahner, the inventor of the MelanSol® formulas, to give everyone the facts necessary to engage with the sun in a safe and healthy way that is personal to them."

Engaging with the sun is a given. Doing in a way that puts you in complete control of the health of your skin is easy, once you have all the facts. This book delivers on those facts in a way that is easy to understand and immediately put to use, making is must read for everyone young and old alike.

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Michael J. Russ is president of Oceana Naturals, LLC and Peter Zahner is president of Impex International Corp. Russ and Zahners’ insights about sun care have proven to be beneficial for thousands. For more information about MelanSol® products, visit *Hi-Res Photos can be furnished for publication upon request.

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