Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reviewers Needed For Suspense Novel

Time’s Chariot tells of a man turning 80 who is faced with an insane attempt to kill him and his response to the attempt, along with his discovery and development of a love for a winsome woman. His past is revealed as he relives portions of his life as a Marine Corps sniper in WWII, a successful oil man, the women who he loved, the family who molded him, a giant African American man whose influence shaped him and a Japanese soldier who he never met , the victim of his first sniper kill, who appears to him again and again as a figure framed by a telescopic sight..

As he faces his assassination by a Mexican drug lord he also struggles with his hatred of killing that developed over a lifetime, the possible loss of his wife who he dearly loves, and the inability of the government to protect him and its simultaneous threat of prosecution if he defends himself with force. His decision to defend himself with a fifty caliber rifle is tortuous. In the end Logan Henry's Time's Chariot presents a celebration of life.

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