Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Riveting Mystery from Wentworth M. Johnson

‘Mania’ is the thrilling second book in author Wentworth M. Johnson’s
series of Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures. 

William Reyner is a would-be private eye taking law classes at the local college. One day in late spring, a human skull is found near his residence. Suddenly, Reyner has a real mystery to solve, and throwshimself wholeheartedly into the investigation. He begins with the skull, but soon discovers other finds, which lead Reyner to believe he may have stumbled upon the results of a killing spree that spans two decades.

Reyner enlists the help of North, a strange young man with a speech impediment, in what has become his summer project. North is just one of many peculiar people cropping up since Reyner has begun his investigation; however, North seems to have knowledge about the case that no one else possesses. When North’s father is murdered, a pall is thrown over Reyner’s summer project and he must keep the young man from being arrested for the crime. However, this murder may be a warning to the investigative team of Reyner and North; a threat as much as a crime, the murder implies that time is running out, and failure to solve the mystery of Mania could have dire consequences.

Wentworth M. Johnson’s Mania is a thrilling ride full of burning questions, mysterious characters, and narrow escapes. Readers will fly through this page-turner to discover the exciting conclusion that reveals the answers to so many burning questions. They will also surely be eager to read the rest of the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures, in which Mania is the second novel in a series of ten.

Wentworth M. Johnson

Wentworth M Johnson has worked extensively on international projects concerning international
communications and as navigator with 1125 Marine Craft unit. He moved to Canada after leaving the Royal Air Force in 1967 and worked in lumber and munitions before landing a job at a local television station. He spent twenty- eight years there before retiring early in 2000 to concentrate on his writing.

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