Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Reveals a Complete Guide for Gold Investing

Don Durrett’s How to Invest in Gold and Silver has arrived at the perfect time, because individuals are beginning to realize the importance of gold & silver as a hedge against uncertainty. In a national economy that is plagued by a severe financial crisis, the time has come to look at gold and silver as an investment alternative. Currently, less than 2% of Americans own gold or silver, therefore, help is needed to show people how to navigate this opportunity.

From guiding investors on portfolio management and when not to trade, to educating them on the types of risks they should and shouldn’t take, and How to Invest in Gold Silver is a full-fledged reservoir of relevant advice that seeks to instill confidence in the investor. Don Durrett covers an array of investment categories, including, but not limited to, bullion and coins, Exchange Trade Funds (ETF’s), put and call options, and mining stocks. One undeniable strength of the book is its clear explanations detailing how to invest in each investment category.

Also, this book is especially worthwhile because it is not coming from the perspective of a financial analyst or an industry insider. Instead, Durrett is a real world investor just like the potential audience to which he is catering. He has been investing in gold since 1991 and in silver since 2004. As a testament to his abilities, his objective is to attain a five hundred percent return when he cashes out—for his mining stocks. There is enough information in this book so that you, too, can achieve this goal. Another inside fact he shares as a stock trader, is how to identify relatively low-risk, high-reward gold & silver stocks.

The key, Durrett explains, is not to purchase an assortment of subscription services and newsletters, but to learn “how” to identify the right stocks; this is essential to successful investing. Although Durrett touches on many different aspects of stock trading, How to Invest in Gold and Silver is primarily geared for beginners and intermediate investors. He states in his introduction that this is the book he would like to have had when he was starting out.

Overall, Durrett’s text is clear and easy to follow. He writes in a style that is easy to understand, and his years of experience as an accomplished author show through. For beginners, How to Invest in Gold and Silver is a real treat from a real-world investor who has been through practical situations, and as such, is an ideal fit for guiding you on your journey to investing in gold & silver.

Don Durrett has created his own unique rating system for valuing stocks. With this rating system you can have a goal of returning 500% long term on your portfolio. Don will teach you this rating system in his book and on his web page. It will take about 1-2 years to master the system if you are new to mining stocks, although you can you use it immediately. With this system you will be better at valuing stocks than most professionals who have been doing this for decades.

Don is currently using this system to identify 10 baggers, and for re-balancing his portfolio. He always knows the upside potential of every stock he owns. From his system, he feels that his analysis is as good or better than any professional. Using his ten step approach, you will feel very confident in your stock selections. 

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