Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Book for Golfers: Caddy Tales by Scott Werner

Caddy Tales by Scott Werner is a must-read for every golfer.  Werner draws on his experiences caddying for celebrities, millionaires, billionaires, and sports legends to offer his readers a collection of stories that will keep them laughing and smiling from cover to cover.

It is a fast and engaging read, told from the perspective of a caddie, sharing the best anecdotes and quotes that Werner has collected over the years.  Among the stories are: one of the rare occasions that Werner was not tipped, but got a great story instead; a tale of karma when a caddie informed his players what they should have tipped him; and a golf glove with a unique and hilarious history.

Golfers will be unable to keep from laughing reading the priceless quotes like “I would not have had to hit this ball out the sand if it had not bounced in here” and “I play right-handed; I can’t hit this shot left-handed; I’m not amphibious.”  The questions that Werner has been asked over the years are equally hilarious, including such preposterous queries as “What do I have to shoot today to break 100?” and “If I did not miss that putt, I would have scored one less, right?”

Readers are given insight into the world of caddies, from lingo that they use to how they spend their time in the caddie shack waiting for their “loop” assignments.  Werner sheds light on the culture of caddying from the perspective that golfers never see as guests at a country club or course.  Finding out what goes on behind the scenes will elicit more than a few laughs.

Werner’s passion for storytelling is certain to entertain and delight his readers.  For anyone who has ever spent time on a golf course, Caddy Tales is the perfect read.

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