Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book Review: The Killer Knows Why

In The Killer Knows Why, pulp fiction author Yannis Mitsopoulos draws readers in with ease by throwing open the doors to his home of Greece, letting them experience the romance of the settings tucked in the mountains and coasts, along with the secrets that entice them to read each of his seven spellbinding stories with complete abandon.  Mitsopoulos weaves the stories in and out of everyday lives, traditions, and beliefs as he allows his readers to become voyeurs into the minds of those that kill for a reason.  

The first story tells the tale of a woman whose life has been one of missed opportunities, only to regain a life for herself through the secret found in her father’s journal.  In the second story, a little boy’s love for a race car carries him to a tragic end.  

The Killer Knows Why tells five more tales: Greek tragedies intertwine old curses through modern lives only to end, well, tragically as a family spins their tale for everyone to see.  An artist finds that Death can be an inspiring muse.  A young ex-soldier finds that fatherhood can push him to fight even the devils of the deep to bring his daughter back.  A man that tries to not let others poison his life, his thoughts ends his life while attempting to poison the one that poisoned him. And, a mother that knows what is best for her daughter ensures with a little help that both their lives are secure.

Seven stories wrap around the reader like a bright, beautiful day only to find that even beautiful days have their moments of cold.  Yannis Mitsopoulos draws his inspiration from real life events, situations, and places, lending to the ambience with which he weaves into his fiction.  

Mitsopoulos invites readers to experience a taste of Greece, so do not hesitate! Grab your favorite sweater then let yourself experience the warmth and chill of The Killer Knows Why.

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