Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What in the World do I do with this Manuscript?

Once you’ve put in the necessary time it takes to complete your book, you have your manuscript. You may be feeling like you’ve actually given birth at this point. There’s a big difference between reading about this process, and experiencing it. All of the creativity, focus, and work that go into completing a book are something to be celebrated. In fact, you have reached a wonderful milestone in your writing career.

A completed manuscript will ultimately take on various forms, even after it is finished. After the editing and proofreading process, manuscripts often look different from their original form. These two processes are completely necessary to get your book into a marketable form.

Some writers are very proficient in the editing process and are capable of editing their own work. This means, they will go through their manuscript searching for grammatical and spelling errors. They will also proofread their book for construction problems. But overall, it is common for writers to get assistance with editing and proofreading.

Fortunately, there are various literary companies that offer these services. They will not only give your manuscript grammatical attention, but they will also look for other issues. Minor problems with grammar can typically be corrected easily. In fact, most writing programs come with their own correction modules.

Although these issues can be fixed quickly and easily, they are important problems to focus on. When a book has too many issues with grammar, it becomes difficult to read. Anything that takes away from the information in your book hurts the impression of your work. This is why these types of corrections are crucial.

Correcting construction problems is also a service that literary companies perform for writers. With this service, editors will look for story line problems. This can come in the form of sentence or paragraph structure. It can also be an issue of character or topical information. Most of the companies, which do this type of work, will also provide advice for writers.

This often comes in the form of a detailed analysis, showing which corrections need to be made. You will be very pleased once you’ve incorporated the necessary changes in your manuscript. Once these have been done, you will have a finished product that will allow you to look at your different publishing options.

These options are various, but all rely upon your book being in the best final form possible. There are three publishing choices that are the most popular for first time authors. The first is to publish through a traditional publishing house. There are large and small publishing companies that are sometimes looking for new authors to publish. If you want to pursue this option, you will need to find an agent.

There are some publishing companies that are co-publishers. These are companies that split the cost and profit on publishing your book with you. The third option is self publishing.

In recent years, many authors have taken advantage of the self publishing option. There are also many companies that allow authors the opportunity to do things like cover design, font choice, and other marketing. Researching each of these will be paramount to finding which is right for you.

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