Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Choosing to Have a Successful Career and a High Quality of Life

When you are taking care of all of your financial assets, it is easy to forget about the most important asset of all: yourself.  Beau Henderson, a financial advisor and motivational speaker, has seen firsthand what happens when people become too consumed by their careers to invest in their health and taking care of themselves.   In  The RichLife: 10 Investments for True Wealth, Henderson offers readers investment advice for both their financial assets and those assets on which they cannot put a price, reminding them that there is nothing more important than the investments we make in ourselves and our relationships.

Our health should be the top priority in life; however, for many people who are consumed by their careers, health comes last on the list of priorities.  Even the most ambitious executives often forget to take care of themselves, running on very little sleep and often not taking the time to exercise, existing on easy-to-prepare processed foods.  Heart disease and high blood pressure often become the plight of those with Type A personalities who have neglected their bodies and themselves while focusing on their careers.  By changing our attitudes and remembering that investing in ourselves is as important as investing in our finances; we can change this fate and achieve better health.  It is frequently the case that when hard-working people do finally take the time to exercise and schedule time for activities of a physical nature; they are able to manage stress better and find that they are more successful than they were when they were neglecting their health.

Although there are many financial issues addressed by The RichLife, Henderson goes far beyond the advice of your typical investment book and reminds his readers that there is much more to living a rich life than having financial wealth.  The RichLife is certain to irrevocably change the lives of its readers, offering them a wakeup call and a guiding hand down the path toward improving the quality of life.
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