Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Can Authors Benefit From Using YouTube to Get Traffic?

According to Alexa (http://www.alexa.com/), YouTube is the third most visited website in the world (at the time of writing), and you can quite easily harness this advertising power as long as you know what you are doing.

Aside from all of the common ways to get people to visit your website like search engine optimization, mailing lists, and affiliate programs there is a way for you to boost the traffic to your website – use YouTube.

YouTube is set up primarily as a place for people to interact with each other and share videos that they have created or that others have created which they think are cool, unique or hilarious.

It is not, at its base, a place for you to advertise for your website – but that does not mean that you cannot do so. There are a variety of ways in which you can advertise to try and bring traffic to your site without making it totally obvious, so let’s see what a few of those techniques are.

The best way to get people from YouTube to visit your website is to become a video releaser. All of the most popular people on YouTube have released their own videos, and you can too with the simple click of your mouse button.

To advertise as a releaser is easy.  Create a username that is the same name as your book, website or author name, and then make the intro and finale on your video contain the name and address of your website.

People will visit.

If you are not excited about releasing your own videos, you can always be a passionate viewer and commenter. Create a profile on YouTube that contains the name of your book and the website address and then start viewing all kinds of videos.

Comment on them, favorite them, add good ones to your blog – it’s that simple and you will have countless people visiting your own website via YouTube in no time.


  1. I love you Todd! I don't mean to scare you or anything like that, but I just enjoy your blog all the time.

    This was post was very helpful to me as I start to venture into more video content. (book trailers, welcome videos and so forth.)

  2. Sylvia,

    Thanks for the love and the feedback!

  3. I've been blogging, tweeting and commenting for a year now and this is the first time I have ever seen mention of YouTube for marketing books. Interesting. I shall look into this as I have a friend who is starting to make short films. Thanks

  4. Thanks Todd for the You Tube post! Too many authors shy away from this venue...I never thought to give them the kind of alternative to making videos that you have.


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