Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Start Your Book

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Guest post by Daniel King
"Most everyone will agree that the getting started part is the most challenging stage in the writing process. First paragraphs, first thoughts, and first sentences are almost never the final ones that appear in your published manuscript. As you begin the writing process, it’s important to remain patient while maintaining vigilance and focus. Your dedication will pay off in the end.

As you sit down with paper and pen in hand, think about your writing goals. Why are you writing, what are you writing about, and who is your audience? While you’re tapping out words on your laptop, write to document your persuasions, your discoveries, your beliefs, and your greatest ideas. Write to influence, to inform, and to persuade.
While you’re brainstorming your first book, I have a few suggestions to help get the creative juices flowing. Take a piece of paper and answer the questions listed below. Your answers will show what topics you should focus on as you write.
- What is important to you?
- What do you think about?
- What do you talk about the most?
- What challenges have you overcome in life?
- What problems you have solved? 
- What topics do you know well?
- What is God speaking to you about?
Are you excited about influencing children, restoration, faith, love, music, or marriage? What subject do you think about the most? Every author should write a book on his primary focus. 
If you could talk to anybody about one thing, what would it be about? If you have five minutes left on the earth and you could talk about one thing, what would it be? This subject that you are passionate about is what you should write about.  
Daniel King is a missionary evangelist who has traveled to more than 50 nations talking to people about Jesus. He has more than 100,000 books in print. On October 19, 2010 he is hosting "The Ultimate Minister's Tool Box Conference" for anyone who wants to do something big for God. Watch this video for more info: 

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