Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Effective Media Interviews Generate Book Sales

Photo by A. Germain
Guest post by Michael Ray Dresser

Book marketing experts know that authors who get excited about landing an interview may lose sight of the goal, which is not to gain media interviews, but to sell their books, their products, their services or their point of view. And it’s sad, but true that an interview does not automatically generate sales. Effective interviews generate sales; ineffective interviews merely produce entertaining or idle talk.

The author who can generate sales from a television or radio interview is the author who knows how to communicate to any audience listening to that show. A book, a product or a point of view is sold when one listener “connects” with the guest because there is recognition of a common want, need or experience. Multiply those clicks of recognition and you multiply sales.

But, just the act of writing and publishing a book, a product, a service or a point of view does not successfully bring you to this point. There are steps to take.

The first step is Publicity; you need exposure; you need press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, book reviews and guest spots on Nationally Syndicated and local talk shows all over the country. Now you are out there. All dressed up and now what! Oops, now you have to be in front of an audience and talk and you now get your first interview!!!

And you prepare yourself. Of course you know that an interview is an acquired skill. It is a process with a strategy working toward a fixed finish line. You have to create your message in a way that is real for your audiences. They have to see and feel themselves in what you say. You now have to say it in a way that the audience can relate to, a way that allows your audience to experience themselves in your interview message. You now speak to your audience, “one person at a time” and to think of your interview as an intimate conversation with a friend and not a lecture to thousands. You speak to your audience…not at them and learn to always make sure that the effect or the result of your message will match the intent you have going in. You now go into an interview prepared for any question and be armed with the ability to bridge back to message no matter what is presented to you. Your audience is there to be informed. They are there to be persuaded and most of all to be entertained… if you don’t, you will be talking to an empty microphone. And always, always leave them “wanting more”.

Michael Dresser’s Communication Training will give you, the authors or the experts, the skills to learn how to use the media, and how to effectively convey your message. You will learn how to leverage interviews to create book sales, how to feel more comfortable on the air and how to relieve the stress and anxiety that can come with interviews. The secrets behind creating effective presentations whether it is on radio, television or a live venue are available and learnable. The consultation is free…the knowledge is invaluable!

· Don’t bury your message in entertaining talk.
· Tie your message to an image (story)
· Speak to your audience one person at a time
· Always leave your audience wanting more!

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  1. Great post! Trying so hard to master this, as it does not come natural for most of us. Michael Dresser is a fantastic teacher!

  2. I think that one of the best bits of advice is "Talk to your audience one person at a time."

    Too often we begin to "lecture" about our topic when we're being interviewed, and all the listeners feel as though they're in Mrs. Bell's accounting class back in high school.

    When you talk to your audience one person at a time, each listener feels as if you are personally talking to them.

    Very powerful.




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