Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Thrilling Tome for Preppers and Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Fans Alike


Ron Foster's 'Crick: A Prepper is Cast Adrift' is book two in aseries that pits preppers against the apocalypse itself.

Preppers make it their business to be ready for the worst- case scenario at all times. However, even the most seasoned preppers could not anticipate the calamity that faces the characters in Crick: A Prepper is Cast Adrift. This is book two of Ron Foster's A Prepper is Cast Adrift series, during which Foster crafts a tense tale of survival under the most desperate of circumstances.

In this grim world, a cyber-attack has destroyed 80 percent of America's electrical grid, stranding hundreds of millions in darkness without infrastructure, nor running water. Martial law has been declared, with rumors flying that Russian troops have become involved with security and continued operations of the government. Both of these situations would be bad enough without the third event: a terrorist attack on the hydroelectric dams surrounding a prepper festival. With the dams blown, the intrepid preppers become stranded on an island with little food and almost no chance of escape.

Foster's sequel to The Prepper's Lament is a riveting tale of wit and ingenuity in the face of desperate times. After all, those who live by the law of preparedness are uniquely equipped for such a challenge. Foster even sprinkles real prepper tips throughout his novel, making it as educational as it is dramatic. Additionally, a peppering of charming, Southern-country humor and larger than life characters add moments of levity between heart-stopping adventure.

Preppers have become part of mainstream pop culture in recent years, but Ron Foster has been writing about the survivalist lifestyle since long before that. Crick: A Prepper is Cast Adrift bears the authenticity of its author's experience, yet is accessible and extremely entertaining for preppers, non-preppers and Sci-Fi/ Fantasy fans alike.

Ron Foster

Ron Foster is a well-followed, prolific Alabama prepper and fiction author of over 30 books. He has a unique knack for including humor as well as survival preparedness tips and tricks in his post-apocalyptic disaster stories, and is best known for his early work writing the classic Prepper Road March trilogy.

Ron is a frequent expert guest on Radio talk shows and attends many Prepper conferences and expos. He wrote this book to commemorate Lowbuck Prepper`s Prepper Stock 2014 event and to give thanks to all the attendees for their support.

Ron holds two masters degrees in Emergency Management and Homeland Security and Terrorism studies and has been a "survivalist" and a "prepper" -- long before the terms were coined by mainstream media.

For more information, please visit http://www.displaced-prepper.com/.

Visit Ron Foster's blog at http://disaster-fiction.blogspot.com/.


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