Thursday, June 26, 2014

Paranormal Thriller Red Is For Rage

RED IS FOR RAGE , 2nd book in THE COLOR OF EVIL series, was named a “Page Turner of 2013,” by “Shelf Unbound” magazine, a Pinnacle Thriller winner, an IWPA Silver Feather award-winner, and praised for a Best Indie Cover of 2013. It picks up where the first book left off, plunging us, once again, into the world of Tad McGreevy, the boy with the paranormal power to see “the color of evil” (Tetrachromatic Super Vision).

Stevie Scranton plays a major part in Book #2 as a loyal band led by Tad and retired Policeman Charlie Chandler strive to find and return Stevie to Cedar Falls (IA) when he goes missing. Dubbed “eerie and captivating” and “a great continuation” by reviewers.
“If you’re looking for a book full of action and adventure, then this is the one for you,” said one Amazon reviewer.

Another noted, “I like that Wilson touches on real problems in society, but she does it with such heartfelt empathy, compassion and great dialogue that I could picture these things happening.” “Full of mystery, thrills and horror. What more do you want?” Krystal (Willingham) said, adding, “I swear if there is not a third book, I am going to be super disappointed, because I want to know what happens next.”

Said Jon Land, author of the Caitlin Strong series, “Wilson’s voice is a wonder to behold, dark and somber while maintaining a glimmer of hope that shines in the hearts of her heroes, who cling to the light. Like Stephen King, nothing escapes her discerning eye, the result of which is tale after tale that bleed life onto the page, both literally and figuratively.”

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