Monday, August 26, 2013

The Past Is Just Footprints in the Sand

Keith Dobbins New Single ‘Footprints’ reminds listeners to separate from their past.

The message that God does not define a person by their past is a powerful one.  Like the tides washing away footprints on the sandy beach, people should let go of their mistakes.  The new single release, “Footprints”, by Keith Dobbins encourages listeners to shake off their past and move forward.
Dobbins felt so strongly about the message in “Footprints” that he chose this song to be his debut after 17-year absence from the music world; “I was motivated to sing this, because I want every at-risk person whether old or young, black or white or Hispanic or Asian to know that God recognizes life is real.  I want them to be encouraged and know they are not alone in making mistakes and dealing with the struggles of life.  Footprints in the sand disappear, and so can your past.”
Keith Dobbins is one of the most sought after Psalmist in America.  He brings the positive message of Christ to stages across North America and Europe, gaining rave reviews from audiences touched by his powerful performances.  A promoter of his concert in London, England stated that "Keith gives an electrifying and anointed performance!”
His past recordings have included various prominent music figures, including Yolanda Adams, Melvin Williams, Rance Allen, Vanessa Bell-Armstrong, and Shirley Murdock.
With the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Keith Dobbins continues to set higher standards of excellence in his music and performances.  Because of his diligence, the Lord has blessed him with award winning, internationally released recordings that inspire people to praise and glorify the Lord throughout the world.
“Footprints” is a precursor to his soon to be released project “I’m Ready Now”.  This project will showcase the diversity he has gained over his music career.  Keith brings a myriad of musical styles that are relevant, honest, and truly touched by God.   

Keith Dobbins
Keith Dobbins grew up in Fayetteville, Tennessee.  He attended college at The Ohio State University, where he feels that he really grew up spiritually, mentally, and socially.  
Keith currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  He serves with Bishop Donald Battle as they minister to over 7,000 people who come to worship and praise the Lord weekly.  He also leads worship occasionally at Buckhead Church, under the leadership of Andy Stanley.
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