Thursday, February 9, 2012

Debut Novel Establishes Wunderkind

Derek Edgington’s debut novel, The Seven (Volume 1) may be written by a 17 year old; however, it is fully developed in plot, character, and themes, establishing himself as a wunderkind.  Readers will be kept on the edges of their seats, furiously turning pages as the story from this precocious author unfolds.

The story centers on Caleb Holden, a teenager who has been on the run and bouncing around the foster care system for some time.  After a violent encounter in Chicago leaves him uncertain of his parents’ fate, with only an amulet to tie him to his roots, Caleb has a hard time staying focused.  In a new school, Caleb finds himself almost immediately in detention, joined by a new friend, Jason, who goes by Jas.  Amusing himself with a quarter, Caleb discovers a startling power after willing it not to fall to the floor.

Witnessing the incident, Jas’ suspicion that there is something special about Caleb is confirmed.  Jas informs him that “there is a kernel of truth to every myth” and tells him of the legend of seven mechanisms of control, “chosen men and women alike, who all retain monumental power” and who will bring to the world Light, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Chaos, Peace, and Healing.  True to legend, his amulet closely resembles his personality, offering sarcastic responses to his queries.  

The amulet tells him that his new friend is a “Skin Walker” and Jas reveals his own power, turning himself, comically, into a bunny before Caleb’s eyes.  Caleb’s life gets even more complicated as he fully discovers his powers, is adopted by Jas’ supernatural family, and discovers that his crush, Em, is anything but average.

Edgington’s novel is one that can be enjoyed by both teenage and adult fans of contemporary fantasy. While Edgington’s novel is categorized as young adult, his ability to render a complex plot and create compelling characters exhibits maturity as an author that is far beyond his years and will appeal to readers of all ages.  Readers will inevitably be left anxious for the next release from this promising new author, the second installment in The Seven series, Leviathan.

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