Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Qualifications of a Writer

photo by Keith Williamson

You want nothing more than to be a writer, perhaps the author of a published book, a journalist or even to freelance. You admire those who have conquered that which you have only dared to dream.

You ask yourself,  "How did they do it?"   What "inside connection" did they have that allowed them to get their feet in the door? Surely you do not possess the skills to be qualified as an author and to someday become published—or do you?

So what does qualify you? One word sums it up best: desire. You either have it or you don’t. Actually, only a small percentage of people even have that deep hunger to begin with. If it’s within you, then it will make itself known.

Anyone who has the desire to write is naturally attracted to reading. Like fuel, reading feeds your longing and helps to bring the author in you to the surface. Another good fuel that will kick-start your passion is to privately journal or blog.  These avenues allow you to write without inhibitions or concerns for what others may "think" about your particular writing style.

A writer is passionate about the written word.  He/she learns from and is inspired by what he/she reads. It’s a simple process, really; there is desire, and desire brings forth productivity. Finally, productivity brings about work that can be shaped into something of worth. Passion and desire do not replace hard work, and if the effort is absent, it will show.

Commit to paper what is on the inside, and your effort and work will manifest itself on the outside. Remember, though, it must begin with desire.

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  1. Passion, love of language, and hard work. That's it.
    There is a great article by Michael Ventura on this topic. "The Talent of the Room"



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