Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Avoiding the Road to Poverty

Not many are born with silver spoons in their mouths. In fact, most people make choices in life that either lead them down the road to poverty or up the high road to success.  There are many circumstances in life that set the stage for failure, and often success boils down to the choices we make.  Do we follow the path of familiarity and perpetuate the cycle of poverty?  Or . . . do we choose the road less taken and break the cycle of failure only to realize success?

In Song of the Snowman, by Rhonda Tibbs, we find a young man in just such circumstances. His choice is clear and what some would deem "impossible," Brian Burnette tackles head-on in his decision to break free from a life of poverty. He takes the musical gift that he has been given by God and turns it into the gateway that leads to fame and riches. He bravely chooses to rise above his circumstances.

Breaking the cycle isn’t easy, yet that is most commonly the case among those raised in poverty—as though it were a curse. The “curse” is often passed on generation to generation, thus creating an ongoing pattern of hardship that can last for decades. This, unfortunately often leads to lives of crime, addictions, and a general sense of hopelessness that seems impossible from which to break free.

The common misconception is that this vicious cycle is one’s destiny. It is not. On the contrary, what we become is an open canvas, and like Brain, we can take the time to create a beautiful picture, one of a bright future, one of prosperity. It’s all about the choices we make. The decision was Brian Burnette's, and in spite of what society said about him, he chose to make something better of himself.

Using our God-given talents forces us out of our comfort zones, into places and situations that will bring about growth and success.  Taking inspiration from Brian, many who otherwise might remain in a downward cycle of abuse or poverty, can take the necessary steps to break the cycle.  To be sure, Song of the Snowman is a must read for anyone who has ever known failure, but is willing to step out and make the choice for a brighter future.

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