Monday, August 2, 2010

Open Doors Along the Journey of Writing

Guest post by TK Richardson

Writing can open doors you never knew existed. Once you’ve written your first or second or third manuscript you probably want to see it published. You might do what most writers do and begin to find an avenue to see your story in print.

This will open door number one. This door will seem small enough at first. It may easily open right up. This is the door of researching the publishing industry. A vast amount of information awaits you behind this door.

Door number two will creak open. Behind this door is the online writing community - a group of people eager to learn the ropes of the publishing industry. They are there to share the road and share information.

This will open door number three and a flood of information will pour in. It may feel like your publishing dreams are drowning in a sea filled with disappointment and rejections. The writing community will be there to close that door a little and pull you from the onslaught of information and save you from the pile of rejection letters you receive.

This can open door number four. True friendships with other writers will begin to form. Over time, and the exchange of information, you will continue to grow as a writer.  You will learn more about editing, revising, publishing protocol, and agent do’s and don’ts.

Soon door number five will open. By this time, you will be able to walk through that door ready to publish your novel. You will have passed through the doors of not knowing much, through the doors of the writing community, through the doors of rejections and disappointment,  and through the doors of growing and learning as a writer.

Finally, you may find yourself standing at the gates of the Land of Publishing armed only with a novel that is ready to publish, and cheered on by your writing friends.  The gates may appear broad and intimidating.

However, upon closer inspection and scrutiny, you will discover there are many gates leading into the Land of Publishing with friendly signs posted welcoming writers in. You should peek inside a few gates and looked around. Many of these people are friendly, professional, and encouraging.

The right gate for you can swing open at just the right time, but you must have the courage to walk inside.

I encourage you to find those open doors and to walk through them. Align yourselves with like-minded people and work hard. Walk through each door knowing another door awaits you. At the right time, a publishing gate may appear and lead you and your book into the Land of Print.

Good luck on your journey – it will be well worth it!

T.K. Richardson is the author of Return the Heart, a new young adult novel. She has recently joined the ranks of Christian Talk Radio as the facilitator and co-host of an on air book club with listeners. She is a co-founder of A Heart for Books And Kids, a program encouraging people in the publishing industry to donate books to children in the foster care system. T.K. Richardson is also the Director of Children’s Ministries at her local church, and helps sponsor a Christian based orphanage in India. You can visit her on the web at


  1. Great post T.K.! Having the courage to walk through the open doors can be challenging sometimes. :)
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  2. Beautiful and encouraging post. I love it.

  3. Great post. Preparing us for the journey ahead.


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