Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Power of the Written Word

Guest post by William James Carter
(William James Carter is a member of the Thorncrown Publishing family of authors. Thorncrown Publishing is the evangelical Christian publishing division of Yorkshire Publishing.)
Words are used as an expression of thoughts, feelings and facts. Many times these expressions are made verbally. Yet there are times when these verbal expressions are taken out of context particularly when the audience is unfamiliar with the terms used. This causes a need for clarification which can be accomplished with the writer’s pen.
The writer’s pen causes words to come to life in a way that is not always possible by the spoken word. It allows the reader to see the words rather than just hear them. Seeing the words, one can reflect on them over a period of time without the context or the words being changed. Additionally, the writer has the option of choosing appropriate words for his discussion over a period of time rather than using random words in the heat of discussion.
The written word is not to be taken lightly. It is absolutely necessary, and for a number of reasons. It impacts the here and now, and can be sustained for indefinite periods of time. This makes the written word more valuable over time because it can and will be passed on for generations to come. Even so, it is not just the written words that are important. Spoken word is important also.
Words are the best way to communicate. If there is a desire for posterity, the written word is most ideal.
William Carter is the author of Down the Via Dolorosa, a message preached to a local church in Fort Smith Arkansas examining aspects of Christ as He traveled toward Golgotha. The picture is far from pretty but the end of His road was met up with victory not only for Him but also Christians from that time forward.
There is but one thing to keep in mind. While the road may seem rough, perseverance guarantees victory!
About William James Carter
Although a mild-mannered, unassuming preacher, Elder William James Carter is far from weak-kneed when presenting his interpretation of truth. Having been raised on the east side of Baltimore his background as a Marine and corrections officer only served to undergird the boldness already found in him. Elder Carter has spoken in a number of venues to include ministerial alliances and men’s breakfasts wherein the Bible proved to be the highlight of the messages. He has also served three pastors in Maryland, Virginia, and Arkansas as church administrator and is now on the path to greater things as he propels further into ministry.

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