Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writing for Young Adults

The young adult market is a strong one, and it is easier to break into this area of the industry for many writers. Young adult fiction is quite similar to adult fiction, but there are a few things you must remember when creating a story for these readers.

Create a theme for your book. Young adult books typically center on themes applying to every day life. For example, the struggle to fit in, the need for acceptance, and sometimes a way to escape the daily grind of life. Put yourself in your reader's shoes – what were you worried about or interested in when you were a young adult? This is your clue to capturing their mind with a compelling story.

Don't go too deep. If you have selected a difficult subject, it is important to remember the young adult processes information in different ways than an older adult. Your character's motivations should not be overly complex. They need to mirror the age group of your audience and be believable.

Don't talk down to the reader. One of the biggest mistakes an author can make is not giving their reader enough credit. The best young adult books speak to the reader as a peer, not a plebian. Reading should be fun, especially for this age group.

Inspire your readers. The best young adult books make the reader feel good about self. They are able to learn something important, be inspired, or even just get away from the stress of being a young adult for a few hours. Remember this when you are writing your story and you will have a secret to success.

The best way to get a handle on writing for this genre is to read a variety of young adult books. Go to your local library and spend some time in this section. Look at the books other readers are checking out and see what your market is most interested in.

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