Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Reviewers for Your Book

Are you looking for attention from reviewers for your newly published or about to be published book?

I am pleased to announce a new program designed just for you. We will be emailing a monthly newsletter to our email database of more than 1,000 book reviewers. This will give you the opportunity to expose your book to reviewers at print/Internet magazines, daily/community newspapers, and television/radio stations.

To introduce this new program, we are offering a low introductory price of just $99 to include your book in our first monthly email scheduled for December 15th. We will include your provided front cover image, your 150-word or less description, and your contact information so that reviewers can contact you directly to request a review copy of your book. Be sure to have some of your book ready to send out.

There is no way to know for sure how many will request a review copy, however, if you don't do something to get the word out about your book, nothing will happen.

Contact us if you are interested: Book Reviewer Program


  1. How did this program work out for you? It has been almost a year. Was it received well by the new authors and the reviewers alike? I am working on a manuscript that I hope to publish through Yorkshire (I am already in the process of publishing a book for my employer through Yorkshire.)

    This is something that I may be interested in if it is something that you are still doing.

  2. Michael,

    We have discontinued this program. We now launch more targeted PR campaigns for our authors.


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