Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Urging Children to Embrace Their Individual Diversity

Don Winn’s “The Tortoise and the Hairpiece” from Yorkshire Publishing, is a delightful children’s book celebrating diversity and individuality.

“The Tortoise and the Hairpiece” is told from the perspective of Jake, a young tortoise who is traveling a road of self discovery. All too aware of his lack of hair, Jake wants more than anything to fit in with other animals. With help from the Buzzard, he gets in more and more trouble as he tries to change himself. Ultimately, the wise Owl intervenes and Jake learns a powerful lesson about accepting himself for who he is.

Included at the end of the book are eight questions that parents can utilize to stimulate conversations about the issues that are raised in this delightful book.

Examples include:

· In what ways do you feel different?

· What did you learn from this story?

· Why do you think Jake was unhappy?

· What made Jake realize that being different is good?

Don Winn delivers an outstanding narrative, with a lesson that children of all ages can embrace and share with others. A poet for over ten years, Winn brings his excellent writing skills and personal experience to his work. Motivated by his desire to celebrate each reader’s distinctiveness, Winn delivers an outstanding teaching tool to parents and educators alike.

Drawing from his observations and personal challenges, Winn reminds readers that we all face obstacles and difficulties. Winn’s universal message teaches acceptance, personal fulfillment, and understanding to children growing up in a world of differences. With discussion questions at the end of the book, the author seeks to open dialogue with parents, teachers, and children in order to discuss these challenges. Inspired by a number of well known poets and authors, Winn looks forward to the release of more children’s book in the near future.

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