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How Does a Book Tour Work?

A book tour actually involves various book publicity events scheduled for an author. These events may include book signings, conferences, and interviews with media. They can be local, statewide, national, or international. All of this depends upon the travel budget available to the author.

The purpose of a book tour is very diverse. On one hand it is focused on selling books. On the other hand this type of tour publicizes the author. Overall book tours are all about marketing and advertising.

Having a publicist’s involvement can be helpful with a book tour.

When an author has a publicist assist with arranging a book tour, things are much simpler. The publicist sets up book signing events, media connections, and company appearances. The book signings are typically through major bookstore chains or independent stores. These are opportunities for an author to be seen by the public. They are also lucrative avenues to sell books.

There are publicists who work to make media connections for authors. This may materialize in the form of a television interview or a radio interview. These most often are local outlets used to notify the community the author is in about the book release. This is one of the big ways authors stir up publicity for their work.

Every publicist has their own connections. Because of this, authors are able to travel quite a bit to advertise their work. Regarding the travel budget, the expense would fall to the author. If this is not possible, the book tour would be severely limited.

Publishers that pay authors advances often expect the author to use these funds to promote the book. They expect the advance to be used for travel and book tours. I personally have a problem with this. If you are going to pay for the marketing, why do you need a traditional publisher?

Authors without a specific budget or assistance will have to establish their own tours.

These tours will be limited to local venues and events. These tours also must be arranged by the author directly, instead of by the publicist. Although these are limited, they still can be quite successful. This is especially true when the author lives in or near a major metropolitan area. There are many local bookstores and conferences to attend. Using these locations can be productive ways to market your book.

Taking advantage of specific local and statewide events can be strategic marketing.

Every city and state has some events that take place annually. Many of these events are perfect venues for book marketing. Authors should make a point of participating in as many of these as possible. Some may require small fees to participate, but it will be worthwhile to gain publicity for your work. Small events can be quite productive when it comes to book sales. Authors usually have to supply their own copies in these instances.

If you need assistance with marketing your book, call us for a free consultation. We will help you market your book even if you published it with someone else’s assistance.

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  1. This was extremely helpful information. Thank you for posting.

  2. Two years old and still very useful. Just what i looked for.

  3. Let me know if you need any help with putting a publicity campaign together.

  4. okay! Thanks! First I need to get my manuscript finished. Maybe I'll just email you so that I can save you to my contacts in case I need help with anything publishing concerned?

  5. When you finish your manuscript, contact me. I can help with editing, publishing, and marketing. thepublishingguru(at)

  6. The author isn't always expected to pay 100% of the book tour cost. I know of at least two instances in which the publisher paid for all or part of the tour.

  7. Some of the major publishers cover book tour costs. However, most smaller publishers don't have a budget for book tours.

  8. Hi Todd; What is the process be for a book campaign and how much would it cost? Art

  9. Great post! Very informative... Thanks, Todd!

  10. Your article was very informative. As I read it, I was thinking about all the places in the country where I have family and friends. So if one is on a skinny budget, combining vacations and family/friend visits with book touring could be helpful. It would also be one to count your trip as a business expense on your income taxes. I suppose people are already doing this. Always have your books with you and be open to every opportunity to promote and sell.

    Valerie Stasik, Valerie Stasik's Pen Central, a resource for writers

  11. Art,

    Costs for a book tour vary based on the components included. Email me to discuss further.

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